Tickler or being tickled?

People’s thoughts? Feet bound…

Or is it a bit random for the mainstream?


I quite like tickle fights/play fighting that turns into sex.


I like my balls tickled. Mrs S hasn’t so far enjoyed being tickled but now you mention it I might try introducing a little to the start of a bottom “massage”. :bum3: :smiley_cat:

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A bit of ‘slap and tickle’
I prefer slap, tickling’s not my thing, giving or receiving

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Not so much now. But I remember the golden rule in my youth. if you start tickling, it’s only going to end one way…

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Oh no, hate being tickled :rofl:

Weirdly, I find spanking (giving and receiving) a turn-on but tickling a complete turn off. :person_shrugging:

Massive tickle fan. Can be tickler or ticklee but prefer ticklee. I enjoy the extreme end of the scale has to be tied down tight, blindfolded and gagged. Oh and if confident enough no safeword either!

I know of people who can be caned till they bleed but can’t take 30 seconds of tickling.

@Racer248 omg no way!!!

I have never tried ticking like that in the bedroom.
What you just described sounds awful to me, pure evil torture :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
But if that’s what tickles your fancy :crazy_face:

If anyone goes near my feet, they get kicked

That’s why you need bondage stops the tickler getting a bloody nose :rofl:


I absolutely LOVE tickling! Being tied up and tickled, and tie up other and tickle. Of course with safety sign. Last night I got tickled, and got many orgasms from it. I love the sensations, the excitement, lot of laugh and other voices like screaming, and it makes me super sensitive so stroking after tickling is so intense. Also, it makes me surrender so that I truly let go off control.
If i feel down and get tickled - soon I feel happy, relieved and fun.

Its torture but in lovely way. And i love when a tickler can calm down and let me rest and tickle again. And again and again until i am so tired of laughing and orgasms, that cant continue anymore.