Tights for men

I red a few weeks ago in a fashion column, that tights for men were becoming the thing in the U.S.A. Has anyone else heard or seen any further info. Are they to be worn under shorts, skirts or just under long tops ladies style. Can't see the fashion catching on in U.K. I look foreward to comments.

Can't say i've seen anything on tights in particular. I know that more men are wearing leggings now (or meggings as they insist on calling them). I'm not sure tights is so far away from that, i've certainly seen lads with one or the other under shorts (i didn't stop to study them lol) as a lot of women do.

As for how to wear them then i suppose just however you feel comfortable, so long as they're not see through and you're not flashing your bits at passing strangers then any of the above ways you suggested would be fine :)

We used to stock the Men's Tights a few years ago they were a unique product but unfortunately sales were not great and they were therefore discontinued. There are a couple of places you can still buy them in the UK and Europe. It's not a new fashion as such probably just picked up by the media!

If it's your thing, a great place to look for them are in ballet shops! Here's some on Google shopping.

my last fella wore some tights an a dress , he looked HOT as hell in tights <3 he is very slight of build though an damn beautiful , so i just got them for him from ebay .

well you see a lot of cyclists with lycra racing gear which are tights my another name. Italian cafes have hue groups of them on sunny sundays, the more you see it the more normal it seems.

I wear warm tights in the winter if I need to. Years ago, it was hard to find them big enough, but now most large size ones fit reasonably well, so I don't need to look specifically for men's tights. I'd be quite happy to wear tights with a shortish skirt, say, though I don't think they're ready for that where I live.