Tights in the bedroom

Hi, this is my first thread and my apologies if this has been answered before but I'm on my phone and can't search the forum.

I have a huge thing (fnar fnar) for women in tights. I recently bought my GF some Wolford Fatal 15 seamless tights and she looks stunning in them. They are also pretty expensive so I don't really want to rip or cut them if at all avoidable.

I don't like cotton gussets in tights or even straight up crotchless (although there's the possibility of layering them up). Also not a fan of fishnets to be honest.

My question is which tights are the best for the bedroom in your opinion?

What are your experiences with tights in the bedroom ( or wherever you have your rocks off)?
Thanks on advance!!!

I pretty much hate tights in and out of the bedroom ever since discovering (in my teens) how much more comfortable and elegant and sexy stockings/hold ups are. They are also very adapt to be kept on during the whole game time in bed without interfering with anything going on. And as far as I can tell, there's a much wider choice in styles too for stockings/hold ups as opposed to tights. Could this work for you?

I don't mind using crotchless lingerie though, and sometimes I do wear bodystockings in the bedroom. But if you are not a fan of either the crotchless style, or the bodystocking, but you still want tights to stay on all the way, ripping them is the only solution I think. So buying cheaper ones for the purpose might be how to get around the problem?

Or maybe something like this: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=30692 ?

I'm a woman who wears tights pretty much everyday and, if I'm honest, I rarely wear underwear with them so I totally get where you're going with the tights in the bedroom thing. It can be a real pain as they're constantly being ripped or snagged. The truth is, you'll have to sacrifice quality in one way or another if you want some throws of passion type action. One option is to just buy thicker tights. Less likely to rip and easier to get off. However, I managed to find a pair of thin, sheer black tights with no cotton gusset from H&M of all places! They were only £3.99 for two pairs as well so I really didn't care if they ripped. It was nice to just let go a bit. That being said my best experience was from fishnets. Sorry man, I know it's not your thing but WOW that was some good fun having them ripped off me from the crotch with ease. However, like era I'm a huge advocate for crotchless for practical reasons.

Hey, thanks for the replies and recommendations. Just wondering if those M&S tights have a cotton gusset or no. It's just that I like to see everything through the nylon. Guess I'll have to check them out!