Tips and Tricks!

Hopefully this is in the correct place to post!

I am looking for new ways to spice up my partners and I sex life! We are always looking for new ideas, making up our own games and so on! But I was wondering if there was any tips we could hear from you all!

Also we are new to the fourms so we do apologize for being newbs :')


I think just browsing thru the huge amount of products stocked by Lovehoney would give you loads of ideas! Or even searching the forums for topics that might interest you, lots have been shared and recommended by the community over the years.

For receiving more personalised suggestions, you’d need to share your interests first.

Hello and welcome! Have you tried using any of the games that Lovehoney stock? There are a few good ones on here! 😊

Thanyou both for the tips! I have been giving the other fourms a browse and I have thought of a few ideas! As for the games I will give them a look and hopefully I find something!

Thanks for the help!