Tips for Anal Play?

Hey everyone,
I'm a 'down to try mostly anything twice' kind of person, but one thing I have always been hesitant about was anal play. For a long time it was even a hard limit of mine; I was even against being spanked. Over the last few weeks, though, I've been getting really into the thought of trying things out.
I have a great girlfriend who's supportive and encouraging and I know she'd be down to try stuff, but I want to be prepared when I ask about it, too.
What are your favorite ways to use anal play? Any tips on toys, methods/techniques? Any ideas on how to relax, any advice?

Hi Kotabear24,

When it comes to anal, I'd say you really need to "want" it to make it work. If you don't, your body might fight against the idea of putting something in your ass. If you'd like to discover anal sex, why not talk about it with your girlfriend? You could just bring the subject and say that you'd like anal to be a part of your sex life, but not focus on it either.

If you want to start slowly, your partner should use her fingers only, instead of a dildo or any sextoy in general, and a lot of lube of course. You might want to do this one step at a time, and really not rush things.

The best thing for you is to feel okay about it, and then you'll discover a lot of new things!

If you click on 'help' at the top right hand corner, then the bottom option 'buyers guides home page'and then on sex toys there are categories for butt plugs, anal toys etc. These have LOADS of really great info, videos,  and tips as well as good toy suggestions. Hope this helps x

Thank you both so much!
My girlfriend was super supportive and down for it, like I figured she would be. We're going to start working on it. Thanks!