tips for filming a home movie; amateur sex

OH and I would like to make our own video; what are the key things to consider? anyone recommend a reasonably priced HD camera? any tips from anyone who has?

Myself and my OH considered it but my friend gave me the best advice....
Film yourselves singularly doing things and watch them back then film yourself doing little bits together, it's a great way to realise if its your thing or not.

We found that out web cam etc fun to each whilst apart was great because it was in the moment and not recorded however we couldn't watch more than 30 seconds of the filmed pieces, it was too cliche/trying too hard almost and didn't look right, maybe because we knew we were being filmed.

Remember if you know your being filmed its different to when your in the passion so if you decided to don't plan it.

I watch a lot of porn and amature is almost always my favourite, even if it's not always the best of quality. Cameras shouldn't be a problem (amature in HD) not sure what the point is. You can get good quality on your iphone now, so maybe play around with that, you filming, oh filming and see if you enjoy it. If you do, buy a camera, they are not that much - and maybe get a friend you really trust to film you? I would do that for my friends and some have done it for me.Make sure you really trust them though or it will be online wthin hours haha

Think about the amateur stuff you like. Lighting is important, the angle of the camera (maybe try using more than one and editing together if possible), and remember the camera is on. There's nothing worse, as a watcher, than seeing something happening and then a leg, arm, mass of hair gets in the way.

If at all possible, as Janny says, get someone to film it. You'll get the right angles, they can tell if lightings bad, and you get the thrill of being watched.

Good luck.

We've done this quite a few times. We "act" a scene, patient visiting the nurse for her to take a sample (orally of course) for example. There is no unnaturalness in front of the camera as it's all an act anyway. Put the camera on a tripod or hand hold it but stopping and switching between the two kills the mood. Switch on/add as many lights as you possibly can too.

Theres another similar post elsewhere titled "do photographers do hardcore".

Whilst trying to cover a lot of the bases on the issue, the bare bones of what you need are in the responses. It`s the finer points like camera position, camera close-up, whether you`ll have to keep stopping and starting that might have an influence on both the quality and actual content of what youre after that will help you decide whether to buy your own equipment or try to find someone who`d be willing to help out.

However if your looking for at the very least "reasonable" quality images/dvd content I`d suggest spending a bit more than you might whilst your in the camera section at Asda and buying some cheap compact for £36.99.

You can buy good quality still cameras as well as good quality h/d movie cameras but to get the best features, and the best results you`d maybe be looking in excess of £650. Likewise it`s possible to "tether" a camera via an hdmi cable to either a laptop and/or flatscreen wherein you can watch whats going on, adjust angles and positions etc and get a further element to the fun you should be having lol, isnt technology fun ? lol.

Some if not most movie cameras will have a still shot capability whilst the cameras still running, most newer still cameras have a movie setting. As with everything its best to do some research into what a particular camera`s features allow, bottom line is battery run time and memory card storage capacity.

Newer class 10 memory cards for example are much better suited to full h/d shooting when used in a still camera.

Still cameras are limited to 25 mins of recording time for taxation class limitations, you`ll need to check whether the auto focus is active during shooting, it`s a bit more complicated nowadays than it used to be with a simple point and shoot but such is the case with modern hi-tech.

If you and your partner adjudge yourselves comfortable in front of camera, comfortable with someone doing the camera work for you then obviously the best thing is get someone to help out either by contacting, discussing what it is you are looking to achieve as well as how to achieve it, either by buying your own equipment or finding someone who`ll provide both his time as well as his own stuff and agree beforehand any future use allowances. Usually if all the equipment is his then he/she retains copyright of everything whether its movie footage or still images and can in theory do as he/she pleases, (ie make you an overnite sensation on facebook or youtube lol) likewise if the equipment is yours then all that the "photographer" has done is provide his time and unless you agree to it wont have any further interaction or dealings with the shoot content.

Theres so many different cameras both stills and movie out there, just browse the Currys website or a photography shop website and you`ll see a vast array of whats on offer, even tripods are available in carbon fibre !

Sit down with your partner and agree either how deep your pockets are, what you actually need, how much use your going to get from whatever equipment you may decide to buy or just throw it open to the site and see if anyones agreeable to doing a trial movie with you as much as anything to get the feel of whether you and your partner can achieve the results you might aspire to. Thinking and doing might be a world apart lol.

In my humble experience, having had the joy of recording fun and frolics, get the light right, set the tone, and enjoy!

We made our first video not long after we met, using a video camera and a tripod. It was good but we didn't have enough lighting, so since then have put all the lights on or opened the curtains and the results have been better. We recorded our first sex on our honeymoon, still one of our favorite home porn movies, and we have made several videos with swinging friends. You forget the camera is there very quickly, and it's great to see what it all looked like from an outside viewpoint afterwards. In a lot of porn, the participants are acting and look like it, but home movies are totally natural.

Get a tripod and if you can find someone to film it, if you're comfortable, do that so you can concentrate on the action. If it's not good, keep practicing! :)

Make sure you remember where you've put the finished pieces too!!!