Tips for giving amazing head

**TLDR: What expert tips so you have for giving head and what things do you like the most when getting head? **

Hi all, I found myself in a strange situation the other week. I hooked up with someone who was really really skilled at the art of pleasure. Now I like to think I know my way around a body, but this guy left me feeling inadequate. I thought I knew how to give really good head and think I do. But I don’t think I was good enough with him. He blew my mind and I wish I felt like I did the same for him but my performance was average as I was awe struck.

This guy needs to teach a class I’m telling you. He was that good!

Anyway my point is that I want to know all the tricks to have up my sleeve if I get a repeat performance.

So, I’m wondering what are your tips for giving good head, I mean like expert level tips. Lol.
If you have a penis tell me what things feel the best please.


My wife is incredible at giving BJ’s so below are a few of my favourite things she does:

• whilst sucking she will twist her hand around the shaft like she’s wanking me off at the same time.
• licks the very top where it’s the most sensitive
• a bit of biting
• lots of spit and noises
• I love to have my penis slapped too but that’s down to the individual if they would like that or not. It does feel amazing when fully hard.

You’ll find things that work better than others on people and things you enjoying do. I hope it works out for you :raised_hands:


Target the sensitive zones, use noises which cause a slight vibration, make sure what you do is visible, I find when the OH makes eye contact turns me on big time! Theres always BJ porn to watch for hints or tips to? As a Hetro I can only tell you what I like. I bet if i had to do it, i’d look like a Dog eating a got sausage! Haha. I hope I’ve helped you in anyway @MissTery


Eye contact.
Look eager.
Pressure from the lips, wrapping your tongue slowly around the head.


Though this does remind me of my description of the worst blowjob I ever got…



Eye contact and enthusiasm are the two key things.

And if in doubt? Ask them. Ask if theyre enjoying it, would they like anything different and throw in a few compliments about his dick.

Some say theres no such thing as a bad BJ. There is, trust me. :joy::joy:


For me, the first thing is just knowing that you’re eager to do it. That’s the biggest turn on.

I hate having to ask … I always love it more when it just happens … it feels less like a request, and more like it’s something my OH really wants to do for me.

Technique? Less is more. Dont go straight for max friction and movement. Take time. Don’t think about the ‘end game’, just enjoy giving pleasure. Stay away from the head early on, with minimal contact, and the odd moment of inside mouth action.

Touch, and lick EVERYWHERE!

… and hey, I know it’s perhaps not every person’s cup of tea, but there is NOTHING that compares to having a bj continue during and even after orgasm. It’s bonafide knees-weak territory.

(You don’t have to swallow … even just licking areas while he comes will feel amazing, then take him in your mouth again once he’s done coming.)

Glad you found someone good at the reverse treat. Every good woman deserves that!


Last night my wife gave me the most amazing BJ. I told her it was the best in history.
Things that made it great were:
We had a shower first - I love being super clean.
She gave me a massage first - I had my head between her legs while she gave me a oily neck and shoulder rub, so I was super turned on before anything happened.
Sober - with the lights on.
Very slow and gentle - lots of edging.
Lots of super gentle licking around the frenulum.
No chasing an orgasm. What she did was so amazing, I just wanted to stay in that space for ever.
I like to please her at the same time - so some gentle rubbing around the pussy and use of a wand there.
When I eventually couldn’t hold back any more, she always swallows (I never asked her - it’s her own personal choice) and that makes it a pretty amazing way to end.
Lots of eye contact and all about the sensation - is what works for us.
Mainly - she clearly really enjoys it and there is a deep sense of connection. That’s probably the main thing that makes her BJs so incredible.
Feeling blessed :heart:


My preferences are…
Swirling tongue around head of penis.
Alternate deep throat with strong sucking of head.
Massaging ballls while sucking penis.
Pushing tounge in to penis opening.
Long deliberate tongue strokes the length of penis.
“Gentle” sucking of balls.
Most importantly it gives greater pleasure if the person giving head looks like they are enjoying the process.

I love going down on my wife and love when she holds her lips open or gently pulls back on hood of clit to expose it more…

I love giving as much as receiving.


Most of my suggested things already mentioned . However for me the thing that make a bj less good it too much saliva , could be my advanced years that I require a certain amount of friction . I love to have the completely hair free area around my cock caressed and my balls cupped and squeezed gently . As she is coming up from taking me deep , I LOVE a gentle dragging of teeth along my shaft . For me after having cum , I love a little snowball kissing .


I echo some of the above-
Eye contact is really hot.
Look like you are enjoying it
Deep throat
Slow movements actually make it more pleasurable
A nice view - put your arse in the air or show boobs


Thank you I think I have a lot of those things down pat but definitely a few new suggestions and reminders. I did some internet stalking and found out he’s actually a model so I wonder if that’s helped him acquire his experience. He is totally out of my league if leagues are a thing lol. I definitely found him attractive but it never occurred to me he would have been an actual model lol life is funny sometimes. Whatever happens it was a good few days


The best BJ’s are the unexpected ones where you transition from a great kiss to sliding down his body onto your knees.

The slow undressing of his lower half is a really great build up for what is to come.

I start by licking his balls and sucking them into my mouth.

As has been said, eye contact is a really hot thing to maintain. I usually progress to licking his full length like a lollipop, ensuring lots of my saliva is now coating his shaft and ball sack.

The great silken swirl of my tongue around his helmet has had his legs buckling and me getting a full load at the back of my throat on numerous occasions. I usually alternate this with trying to deep throat his length but I’m still trying to control my gag reflex, so I haven’t quite mastered taking his full length (7.5”) just yet.

Finally I always swallow or snowball. I never spit.


definitely not penis slapping… bleagh

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‘Leagues’ are not a thing. Every person has at least one amazing attribute worthy of placing them on a pedestal. Don’t discredit yourself. You are worthy of whoever you think you are worthy of … if someone is into you, they’re not even thinking about so-called leagues.


Remember that the tip is the most sensitive. Much like the clit, I am told, it doesn’t like a ton of direct stimulation. Many have mentioned it as well but I do like to be licked like an ice cream cone or lollipop.

Here are a couple must have’s for me:

  1. No teeth on the head of the penis
  2. Use you hand and milk the pre-cum from the tip…stick it to the tip of your tongue and let him watch the string develop as you pull away - that is hot
  3. If you have long hair, pull it out of the way and let him watch - the visual for me is the BEST!
  4. If incorporating a hand job, don’t slide your hand over the tip to much, especially if you have been going for awhile. I am circumcised and the skin right below the tip to where the skin healed back together after being cut id extremely sensitive down the shaft. Twist your hand on the shaft (like riding a motorcycle0 but don’t grip the head of the penis while you are doing this…just the shaft. And go slow, it isn’t actually a motocross event!
  5. Every once in awhile try and take the whole shaft into your mouth and down your throat. Let him thrust a little while keeping some suction on it but keep your teeth away from the opening. Keep the suction pressure on and instead of opening your mouth, try and open your throat… remember that the mouth is simulating a vagina…no teeth in there!
  6. I don’t like ball play much but I do like a finger around the opening of the anus. Make sure it is ok to do and ask if he wants a finger in there. If you are brave enough, slide a finger inside a little, but no further than the second knuckle. This would be a finishing move as I don’t care for this play too early…it is more intense near the end.
  7. Vary the speed on the BJ. Use your throat if you can do it without gagging…open your mouth and suck up and clean up your own spit…
  8. Come up for a kiss on the mouth in between - I love the taste of my own pre-cum
  9. Go back down and listen/feel his body - both verbal and non verbal…when it’s intense, the testicles will pull up tight to the base.
  10. Unless he is dead, you will know when he is getting close… edge if you want but know what is about to happen cannot stop. Decide where the cum is going ahead of time because it’s like a rocket and there is no way that this is going to stop.
    a. in your mouth - prepare for a blast to the tonsils
    b. on your body - decide where the load will be distributed (face, tits, chest, ass…) You have about 3-4 seconds when he says he is going to cum and then it arrives…sometimes less.
    c. Tissue - have it at the ready and have a few layers as this magma will cut through steel after you have been giving head for awhile like this
  11. As he is cumming, milk his cock (avoiding the head of the penis) and pull your man’s cock fairly tightly but not like Kung Fu style… Don’t slide (well at least I don’t like it) your hand over the tip of his cock as it will result in some uncontrolled leg kicks or worse unless you have allowed him to cum in your mouth. In this case just tighten your lips around the shaft and milk him into your mouth maybe putting your tongue between your bottom teeth and his cock to avoid the “cheese-grater”. Try not to suck on the end of his cock as the feeling is extremely intense!
  12. Do your thing. If it is eye contact, tell him what a good boy he is, how much mess he made or do whatever you want to make him continue the aftershocks. I lose erection fairly fast but the cum continues to pump as does the aftershocks. What you do next is up to you but will be remembered so make it hot and memorable…(or you can be like Mrs. Val and just get up and go to the bathroom and start cleaning up yourself like you are repulsed by it…lol)
  13. Use the cum for something else. If you haven’t gone yet, keep a bit of it on your chest and dip into it and start touching yourself. Show him that it is his cum you are using to touch your clit with and tap your clit, stretching out the cum in a string and then look back at him.

He will want to return the favor depending on who has gone or if you can go again. I typically need about 20 minutes to be ready again, so getting toys ready and doing some self-play buys time if you want to keep the session going.

Hope it helps, but that is how I like it.

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Have a look at some of the techniques in the :peach: :eggplant: Oral Sex Superbowl thread.

I always love @our-adventure-bed’s description of the perfect BJ, there was another thread where they went in to a little more detail and it was delightful, made me want a penis of my own but instead I took mental notes that I could do with refreshing.

Great topic to save :memo:


Ah. you are too kind lovely @JoCat :heart: :heart: :heart:

One my tricks what many guys seem to like is when I tickle my tongue around their head and suck hard on it like they’re having some sort of penis pump session :sweat_smile:

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Dont pull the skin back too hard, it can hurt and rather puts things off.