Tips on Edging

Hi guys, my wife and I love the magic wand but I want to make it more interesting with her by introducing edging. I have heard a little about it but i am wondering how to go abou it.

Is the wand to powerful to use? (my wife cums everytime using it, generally without warning) Is it best if she is tied up? What other toys do you recommend for edging?

Any advice, tips etc. would be great.

Has it worked for you? Do you prefer it? Thanks in advance.

As another man who loves watching this happen, here are some tips. Probably best to let her have control first - from my experience women can "miss" orgasms where they nearly get there but not properly. Very frustrating for her as she gets the spent feeling without the orgasm.

Yes, she might have to shift down to a less intense vibrator to take longer. When you say without warning, is it a surprise to you or can she not tell either?

The very basics are for her to get very close to the edge, then back away. According to OMGYes, there are different methods that work for different women. Some women switch off the vibrator all together and wait, either with or without some rubbing of non-clitoral areas to keep things bubbling. Other women might move to "still stimulating but less intense" so could be either turning the vibe down or moving it up or away from the clit. In general she should be aiming for reducing the amount of down time each time she pauses, however she does it. And yes, it's very common to aim for lots of pauses and then the orgasm just overtakes you!

But, trust me, you don't want her to miss the orgasm, so first few times, get her to play and see if she can tell when she's about to come or not and what methods of delay work best. Once you know what works, she can hand control over to you if she wants.

All IMHO, of course!

Good advice from Anonybloke, as I have several times missed out on an orgasm when I have not read the signs properly, you need to know your own body and it can surprise you if you use a new toy that operates in a different way. Or you can be teased for too long, and you just go off the boil so to speak and that is the end of the session, very grumpy when that happens! Communication is 🔑

That is some great tips. I will let definitely give this a go. My wife genrally can't stop herself and stuggles to tell me as it is so intense, the words do not I think we need to take our time and as you say, comunicate. Thanks guys