Tips on squirting

Hi everyone,

For some time I've been trying to make my girlfriend squirt but we just can't seem to get her there. I was wondering if anyone had links that worked for them, tips from personal experience etc.

We have a wide variaty of toys and the most powerful vibrator we have is a bodywand ( , but that doesn't ever get her squirting (but she does orgasm).

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated :)

I would say the best combo would be a clitoral stimulator as well as a g spot toy to help!

Take a look at this, it is great for more information,

Thanks for the link, think we'll get the "Annabelle Knight Ooooh! Powerful G-Spot Vibrator" since the reviews seem very good and a few people said it was good for squinting.

Thanks for the advice :)

If she is comfortable with the idea of squiting as well as the experience then cool. However if there is any form of control, and she is in any way uncomfortable. Its not going to happen

I'm not "contrilling" her, she wants to do it, but has never been able to, that's all...

TBH squirting isn't something every woman can do. I would say around only 20% of the female population in the UK can do it (at a guess).

But keep trying, although being tensed up can stop ot from happening.

You are best off using your fingers, getting up to the g-spot and feeling it grow. Don't be rough, gently flick it in an upright motion with your fingers. Clitoral stimulation will help with this too

Yeah, I can reach her gspot quite well, but never managed to get her squinting. She really wants to, guess we'll just keep trying :)

Thanks for the tips

If she gets that feeling of needing to pee, she needs to push past that and to try and relax

Yeah, she's had that feeling before when trying to get her to, but never been able to get past it

Hi. I feel a bit if a fraud writing this comment as I'm having trouble squirting myself at the moment but it is something I've been able to do in the past
Our marriage had a bit if a wobble due to some personal circumstances and we didn't have sex for 18 months, we're just no getting back I to the swing of things but my G Spot is playing a little hard to get!

I think what sensualFire meant by 'control' is because the female ejaculation comes from the urethra, the same tube you pee from, when a woman is close to squirting it gives the sensation that you need to pee, because if this many woman 'hold back' and therefore effectively don't allow themselves to squirt

I was 'researching' squirting and 'how to...' The other day, most information says to use your index and middle dinging in a 'come here' motion but I found a clip on Redtube I think. I can't find it now so can't post the link but I'll do my best to describe it, from what I can remember I think this is closer to the way my husband has done it in the past

Ok so after a fair bit of foreplay, you want the whole area to be full with blood and swollen from stimulation
Using your middle and ring finger sit to the side of her, so your shoulder is in line with her hips, slip your two fingers in and point them upwards and forwards with your index finger and little fingers pointing down on the outside, either side of her vagina. The with your two middle fingers applying pressure to the front wall of her vagina start to move your hand up and down getting faster and applying more pressure as the go,

I haven't had a chance to put this to the test yet as I got my period! However hopefully I'll be able to let you know by the weekend if it works for me

The other thing to bear in mind is sometimes you can try too hard, just have fun and enjoy eachother if it's meant to be it'll happen, I know for myself when we've tried to squirt is the time it's least likely to happen, so just work this into foreplay rather that it being a separate issue you're trying to crack x

2 fingers on the g spot, some cunnilingus and use of a wand massager intermittently works for us. It's important your OH relaxes. Get past that first orgasm relax and keep it going and it will happen. A quick release of the g spot fingers just before she squirts makes my OH squirt more intensely and powerful.