Tips to help get the spark back..

Hi guys,

Me and boyfriend have been together for 2 years and things had always been exciting in the bedroom until lately when things have dwindled somewhat. We have both acknowledged that things are not the same at the moment but havent really discussed how to move forward. I'm can be quite shy when it comes to sex but i want to take the lead and introduce new things but i dont know how to broach the subject or even what to suggest! Any tips would be much apprechaited! I just want our passion back!!

Our first sex toy was a wevibe 3, which is effective and easy to use, and its fun fighting over the controls.

We got massage oils yesterday and, thinking about it, its the first time in years we have had any none sexual physical contact.

A small sex toy may well do the trick, also perhaps a little dress up in the bed room. This isn’t too daunting but can be very sexy, I would recommend that to get the sparks back


Flint ,wood and elbow grease !

Yes yes! Agree with above on the dirty texts, since they can build up the excitement. Then some role playing or blindfolds, massage, sex toys (maybe a remote control one for when you go out?), or try something new you haven't tried in bed (or outside of the bedroom!)

A new mattress ?

Try some new toys or positions? May be worth talking and see what you would both like to try?

I find that sometimes I just have to grab the bull by the horns and surprise him. I know he never says no to a surprise bj in the morning or a dirty email when he is away with work!!

I do get what you mean though I feel my OH and I have hit a quiet time with our sex life but I think its more to working lots and things going on in life. Should be back on track soon purely from making sure it stays new and fresh!

Sometimes I take the reduced sex as a time to focus on intimacy and being close even when I do take it rather personally that he doesnt want sex!

I agree with the recommendation for the IOU hot sex cards, you could leave one in a hidden place in his bedroom, then text him later saying something like "just treat myself to some lovely new underwear, ill have to show you late ;), by the way have a look in...."

Maybe that would help

Maybe buy some massage oil too?

On the note of sexy new undies, i've had my eye on these. Look nice with a black bra i think (i was a bit more daring nipple tassles)

Livia Corsetti Abigail Lace Front Knickers with Strap Detailing

I would recommend this

And a good frank discussion about things. I appreciate sometimes things can be hard to talk about but communication is essential here. I agree with Saucy21, sounds like you need to re connect. It's natural for things to go a bit stale, especially when you've been together a while, other things in your life take over and before you know it the passion has disappeared. Luckily there are somany things out there to help you get it back. Be adventurous, try new things.

Agree with other posters that sensual rather than sexual is the way to go at first, so baths, massages etc...
Good luck!

All you need to do is get a set of jump leads and a car battery. Hook each end up to the battery as normal but tap the other ends of the cable together. It makes loads of sparks. If you're still not satisfied tap the ends of the cables onto the terminals of another car battery. Then there's even more danger of it exploding and killing you. Hope this helps, Jesse x

don't actually try this by the way x