To "we" or not to "we" - is the WeVibe any good?

Hi all,

I'm thinking about getting a WeVibe II (I really can't afford to strech to the 3 :( ) but I'm put off by some of the reviews.

I've noticed a lot of people saying "it didn't fit", without giving any indication (apart from one post who gave exact measurements!) of what size they are etc. and most of the "bad" reviews seem to be talking about the WeVibe, not the WeVibe 2 that is advertised on the page.

Can anyone vouch for the WeVibe 2 (or advise against it)?



i would also like to know

I have a WeVibe 2 and me and the other half love it.

I bought it before the 3 came out. The only downside I'd say with the 2 is if your wet and the toy gets slippy- and lets face it thats going to happen- its tricky to change the settings. I'm planning on getting a 3 some time soon just for the remote control.

And as for it not fitting.... I'm tight, and my fella is big,... and it fits fine. If we women can stretch to squeeze out a baby we can accomidate a cock and a toy.

If I was you I'd spend the extra £30 and get the 3,

Enjoy sweetie,


Me too as my OH is very keen - Maybe an early xmas prezzie

My review here covers both the We-Vibe 2 and 3

I would recommend saving for the 3 as the remote makes the experience more enjoyable. Also it is more powerful.

More powerful too. hmm, maybe we'll go without wine this month in favour of another new toy!


I'm tiny, can't take my fellas penis at the minute due to pain and tightness and have never managed more than one finger. I only ever use toys smaller than 4 inch girth and even then it's difficult.

With that background - I can take the WeVibe comfortably alone and it feels nice without penetration - we can still use it as a couples toy because it allows me to free up my hands during a blowjob for example. I couldn't take a penis as well but as I mentioned, I can't do that anyway!

So you may find it too large for use during penetration, but it's hard to say. Lh's wonderful 365 day return policy will let you find out though. I think it's small enough to give it a go and you've got the return policy as a back up!


i have the we vibe 2 and am one of those "it dosen't fit" people.

As a basic guide i don't have any problem taking any partners and don't struggle with most toys. I use lube occasionally and enjoy penetration (though cannot orgasm from it soley)

ive never used it in partner sex but trying with a very slim dildo that is of a soft material it just couldnt go in. i'd think from that there would be problems with a partner.

if i did finally manage both the we vibe didnt sit right - it hurt internally and didnt stay on the clit.

the functions are tricky to chang while inserted and it isnt that powerful for me.

i've still kept it as ive not tried it with a human and it may be that i can use it - I just dont see how at the moment ( it'd have to be something to experiment with.

Its on my wish list and hopefully once our finances are in better shape, will be ordering for sure

I lurve the we vibe 2 and REALLY want the 3 (but just can't justify spending an extra £100 when I've already got the 2).

I'm really small (I'm only just over 5" and the pussy matches) and haven't had kids etc. I can't take much girth!

But, I have absolutely no problems with fit at all. The most important thing is to make sure it's inserted correctly. Once that's done the larger part of the toy should fit in the cavity up against the g-spot, and only a very thin strip sits in the opening.

I also say get the 3 if you can!

Thanks all, that's a great help :)