Top 5 LH purchases


I'm pretty new to Love Honey, I bought a couple of bits before but I'm becoming addicted to buying from here! My box of tricks has quickly become a drawer! Can you tell me your favourite purchases and why please?

I love my Fifty Shades Wand - it's the quickest I have cum for ages!

My G spot happy Rabbit 2 - It was trickier to make me cum but I actually full on screamed and had the best orgasm I have had for ages, and I have a lot these days! He looked visibly shocked and I make a fair amount of noise anyway!

Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage kit - We are having so much fun with this at the moment! I love the red and black handcuffs, they're so comfy on my wrists!

Livia Corsetti Lilliana Sheer Black lace baby doll - covers all my lumps and bumps and skims my bum so I can still feel sexy on a bloated day!

My Anais Permission crotchless lace knickers! - the sexiest knickers I own, teamed with the fishnet lace top with bow stockings, I'd barely got through the door before he'd pounced!

1)Bondage Boutique under bed matress restarint set- Whats not to like about spread eagling your partner to the bed

2) For her it must be the Cotelli cop uniform . Vary sexy but very dangerous ( well to my backside anyway! )

3) Bondage Boutique Butterfly Riding Crop. Probably our favourite hitty piece. Both been stung by it!

4) Tracey Cox min bullet vibe. Probasbly our oldest and only none battery toy thats in use .

5) Tie and Tease Game - Fantastic game very sexy,saucy and a lot of fun. Very highly reommended . No instructions that are too intimidating to do , well ,after a few drinks anyway !

I'll have to agree on the BB underbed set - the Almosta 4posta lthough I didn't strictly buy that (oh poins!), it is very good and adds so much to play time.

The tango, which is just awesome in every way

Doxy wand, just wow!

Lelo Hugo (although I didn't buy that either - tester), tickles my P spot like nothing else

BB Rattan cane (athough I didn't buy that either - gift thanks Gem), scratchy hitty hurty and a whole lotta fun

1) Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator - great for using solo or with my partner, and also great for shoulder massages! Very powerful and feels amazing.

2) Tracy Cox Supersex Glass Dildos - the pink one is the only toy that has ever given me a G-spot orgasm, despite not being specifically made for the G-spot. And you get 2 dildos for the price of one :)

3) FSOG under bed restraints - these work great for us as we don't have a 4 poster bed, or the type of headboard that things can be tied to.

4) Bondage Boutique Silicone Butterfly Crop - really good value, great for beginners, and delivers a nice sharp sting!

5) We-Vibe Tango - I actually had to return it as it was part of the passionate play set I was sending back, but by itself it's amazing. All the rumbly power of the wand packaged into a tiny bullet, it's really something. I've been meaning to get another one on its own but the pennies won't allow it sadly!

Mmmm! The spread eagled restraints do sound fun! I love my crop too! I came pretty quickly for me when he used it on my clit!

We recently bought and tried the Tracey Cox Super Sex twin silicone vibrating love ring for couples and although we've only used it once I found the bullet too wide between my legs and the bobbles uncomfortable to ride on him, and tips please?

1) Tracy Cox Supersex glass dildo set - first glass I've ever owned and its the best thing ever

2) Lovehoney Booty Buddy - recently enticed my husband into the world of anal play, watching him literally crumble with this in has made this purchase money well spent.

3) Tracy cox beginner bondage kit - new to this but this took us new levels! Wish Inhad bought it sooner.

4) Lovehoney glass butt plug - added to the glass collection. First glass anal toy and not the last!

5) Fifty shades of grey spanking paddle. Not technically a purchase as was a free gift from lovehoney, but this is fantastic. I've only let my husband spank me with his hands before and refused point blank to be spanked with a spanker. Got this and WOW! The sting is amazingx

1) we vibe tango

2) we vibe nova

3) a livia corsetti babydoll but they no longer sell it and I ripped mine :(

4) tie and tease board game

5) tens kegel trainer

1. Lovehoney Love Me Lace Chemise Set Black

2. Lovehoney Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

3. Swoon massage oil - smells amazing

4. Lovehoney deluxe  magic wand - in black ( I have purple too but my goth side loves the black!  )

5. Bettie Page Sweet On Satin Restraints Set

oh goodness this is a tough one becuase I over purchase at times:

1. Happy Rabbit II

2. Fifty Shades Nipple Suckers

3. All of my Lovehoney Flirty Knickers

4. My Lovehoney basics Jiggle Balls (still a fav)

5. The Lovehoney storage cases / storage bags have been amazing or organizing my growing collection.

1. We-Vibe Tango

2. L'amourose Rosa Rouge

3. Lelo Mona 2

4. Enchant Me Babydoll (SO flattering!)

5. Thrill Me Bustier

My favourite purchases so far are

1, itouch sure pelvic floor exerciser

2, Ropes always fun

3, gorgeous Babydoll

4, Best lubricant liquid silk

5, and I enjoy using this on my OH

Vixen mustang tie-dye version, love it's squishiness

LH delux wand (great to use as a couple toy)

Tenga svr cock ring because it's frankly amazing

FMS pipedream masturbator, because it's 20lbs of perfect arse.

Lovehoney spoil me at in babydoll- i have it in red and plum 😌

1) Extra powerful doxy ( in absolute favourite toy of all time

2) Glas Pure Indulgence glass anal dildo ( just provides such a mind blowing stretch, and is also perfect for solo play

3) Lovehoney basics under bed restraint ( love being secured by my oh with this...and driven out of my mind.

4) Icicles No 25 smooth glass butt plug ( its really filling and stays put all the time, I love wearing it all day while I'm out and about.

5) Fsog spank me please spanking ruler ( I love being spanked and have several paddles, crops etc but this just gives such a great, lasting sting that it creeps just above the other items.

1) Under bed restraints, cos I love being tied or tying my OH up.

2) My silver cock ring. (Wearing it 24/7 now) as it feels great to wear and really comes into its own when making love.

3) Our floggers, crops & spankers. They give your butt a nice sting and make a cracking sound!

4) My thongs. They are a right turn on in the bedroom and sooo comfortable! lol

5) My LH begineers butt plug... Still in training @ the moment. But want to buy a bigger glass butt plug next month!

Good question.

1. Glas Pure Indulgence Glass Anal Dildo (viginal use only)

2. Red Fun Factory Bouncer Jiggle Dildo with Suction Cup.

3. Mia Porpora Swirly 7.5inch Silicon Dildo.

4. Purple Lelo Mona 2 Luxury Rechargable G-spot Vibrator.

5. lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo.

I guess I have a thing for dildos!

Ooh this ...

1. Definitely this we have used it that much we have wore the ankle cuffs out and used our ankle cuffs as a back up plan..but I want to get the black rose restraints as a step up as I love the look of them.

2. I love anal play the thought of being taken there is a huge turn on..unfortunately my body doesn't agree with me but I have found the perfect little plug for me , that feels really good isn't a huge stretch but still makes me tight vaginal wise..and it stays in which is a huge plus for me and looks pretty

3. I am not very good at using big toys solo wise..but my partner is a pro at using this big guy on me...closest I've ever got to squirting fact I think I did a little bit..amazing

4. Oh this is getting tricky now...there are still several things I can think of that I partner loves me in this and he loves using crops paddles and floggers on me his favourite is this

5.hmmmm okies my favourite thing solo wise is this I like small solo wise and this gets me cuming over and over and over again in minutes..looking for a rechargeable version as it eats though batteries unlike Mr big (no.3) who seems to do okies battery wise.

Hah that was hard i am well aware I cheated on number 4 and I still can think of fact last one this one is amazing versatile...feels so good how ever you use it

I am done now kinda hehe xxx

Mummymermaid I lov the fact that you managed to get 8 items into a top 5 list! I found it surprisingly easy!

Fun Louise wrote:

Mummymermaid I lov the fact that you managed to get 8 items into a top 5 list! I found it surprisingly easy!

Hehe shocking thing is there is more much more..I have a problem hehe xxx

mummymermaid wrote:

Fun Louise wrote:

Mummymermaid I lov the fact that you managed to get 8 items into a top 5 list! I found it surprisingly easy!

Hehe shocking thing is there is more much more..I have a problem hehe xxx

I don't even know if "sex toy addicts anonymous" even exists. 😄

I think I wouldn't be the only one joining if there was one...mind my addiction's good for me hehe xxx