Toxic toys

I'm too afraid to use any of my dildos now T_T
After listening to SiF on itunes I decided to look up Phthalates to find out just how bad they are, what sorts of toys contain them etc. And found only one dildo in my collection was Phthalate free! O_o

So what are Phthalates?
Phthalates -- pronounded "thal-ates" -- are a family of chemicals used to soften hard plastics to make them more flexible. Derived from phthalic acid, and often called a plasticizer for its plastic-softening properties, phthalates have been produced since the 1920s and have been used in everything from perfumes to pesticides and medical instruments to sex toys.

Now the problem is that unlike other products, sex toys aren't regulated as much which means manufacturers can put what ever the hell they want into them.

There is some research that suggests that these chemicals can affect our health...and this really bothers me.

What should I do? I don't want to throw my toys away, but I also don't want to use anything that might be damamging my health in the future. T_T

If they're from a reputable retailer, as in not off the back of a lorry or bought at your local market, then you can assume that they're fine.

Or you can just sell all your old ones on ebay and get glass ones instead.

I've been looking at a website which sells Phthalate free non-toxic toys.
Even toys sold by reputable companies sell toys that contain these chemicals.
Luckly LoveHoney do show which toys are phthalate free on their site.
But my local sex shop where I've bought a lot of my dildos and other toys from (Simply Pleasure) who own shops all over the country are selling these toys without any information on their site or in stores telling people which toys are phthalate free.
When I asked them about this they didn't have a clue what I was talking about.

And I really don't like the feel of glass ones. >.< Too hard for my liking I'm afraid.

Well the research suggests that they're not incredibly harmful. It's not like using a dildo fashioned from Arsenic.

The only thing I read that might be cause for concern was that using toys with phthalates while pregnant may cause genital defects in boys.
And I do stress this is a may cause, not will cause.

Nothing's really been proven.

Well...^_^;; I'll guess I'll keep em for now. Luckly I don't plan on having children, at least not for a long time yet anyway.

Hi ancafe- um er what is trisexual???

Trisexual...I'll try anything once! I'm always willing to try new experiances. And I'd date anyone regardless of their sex or gender. If I'm attracted to that person for who they are thats all that matters to me.

Ha ha, love it !!! Thought l had been missing out on something there for a minute..... but l haven't phew !!

A costly alternative maybe, but you can put a condom over them. Not all sex toys are condom shaped though, especially the smelly plasticy phthalate ones.

What worries me more is that some sources say these toys are porous and soak up body fliuds and act as a breeding ground for bacteria. Not sure how much truth there is in that though, I have only read internet heresay. Any silicone sex toy manufacturer will tell you it's true, but they would wouldn't they.

Yeah I'm going to keep using mine for now, but phase them out as I buy new ones. Ancafe what about silicone toys? They may be a good subsitute for you- try fun factory.

I already own 2 fun factory vibes. But I don't use them that often as I prefer softer toys. ^_^;; Unless they make softer silicon toys.
I have seen the Vixen creation toys. They look fun ^.^

So you find silicone too hard? I find it softer than some because it warms up. The trouble is that most jelly toys will contain phthalates. Although lovehoney changed this with their Jessica Rabbit 2.0. It's still quite soft to the touch and doesn't contain phthalates but I'm not sure if you'd find it too hard or not.

I personally would not put anything into my fandango which I wouldn't put in my mouth, and that includes toys which are chock full of pthalates- I'm afraid your belief that "If they're from a reputable retailer...then you can assume that they're fine" is wrong, Greymatter.

There is NO legislation covering the use of phthalates in sex toys, and yet if you had the levels which exist in some toys in pet toys, they would be banned from sale. Even reputable retailers have problems getting hold of information as to what goes into these toys, as the manufacturers aren't keen to tell you nor are they required by law to tell you what's in them either.

However, it's not all bad news. There are *lots* of elastomer toys on the market which feel and look just like jelly, but which are safe to use. Elastomer also lasts longer, unlike jelly which tends to break down after a few months and goes all icky. If you do have any jelly toys, just use them with a condom.

Also pure silicone toys are safe, e.g. the Fun Factory range, the rock chick. However, beware some toys which are touted as 'silicone' but which only contain silicone. A pure silicone toy will be marked as 100% silicone. However, you can sell toys which only contain a small amount of silicone as 'silicone' (confusing eh?). I know Ann Summers are particularly bad for telling customers that jelly toys are silicone, particularly some of their rabbits.

As for the porosity thing, this is true. You need to give everything a good wash before and after use, and leave it to dry naturally before you put it away. (Storing in a plastic bag will encourage bacterial growth.) A toy cleaner will help kill any nasties. You should not share porous sex toys either, either between non-fluid bonded partners or anally/vaginally.

Sorry that should read "you should NOT share porous sex toys...", obviously. :)

Wow, it's bad enough worrying about whether I'm going to orgasm or not without having to think about all these scary things!! :(

Sorry! It's not that difficult, really. If it's porous and not silicone or elastomer, put a condom on it!

You been away Queen Mab???

If I went on the basis that I'd not put anything in my bum that I'd not put in my mouth, either my sex-play would be extremely boring or my mouth would be ab-so-flogging-lutely enormous!
I do wish I could use bold, and italic, and colour, and large fonts, on this board!

I'll tell you one thing I do know about anal toys, and porosity!
My '3-bangs' (wimps version) seems to be porous. Don't know if it's made out of phthalates though.
I'm clever enough not to store it in a plastic bag (see messages above). BUT I was silly enough to leave it to dry out, after a decent wash, on a copy of The Times.
The consequence was, for the next three insertions, I was getting my thrills on the imprint of a 'fiendish' (sic) Sudoku!