Toy box. Where can I find one?

Hi all,

I've been looking for something to store my precious toys in for a while now but don't have a very big budget.

It needs to be lockable, be big enough for quite a few things, and to look nice (wouldn't want to detracts from the lovelies inside it)!

Anyone got any ideas?

Yeh thats the sorta thing I was thinking because I know actual toy cases are expensive.

Thinking of turning a carboard box into one with some good quality material to line it.

Just wondered what everyone else uses.

I've got a small hard samsonite vanity Case It zips and locks had sine compartments and it's a lovely purple colour. Easily transportable too ;O)

I bought a cheap pine lidded box from focus, painted and stained it, blocked up the handle holes and fit a lock.

I have it sitting in my bedroom right out in the open and people haven't questioned it at all.

I did the same as Pixieking, cheap box from focus, lined with "velvet" effect sticky backed paper for a nice look, stained and waxed for a nice finish. It slides under our bed nicely, the only moment of panic came when one of our kids was in our bedroom and on kneeling down to retrieve a dropped toy saw the box and exclaimed "oh a treasure chest!" I had to persuade them that it was just bog standard storage and there was nothing worth looking at phew!

I received a lovely wooden trug full of vegan goodies for my birthday. I lined it with black fabric and added a gold bow and now use it for my toys when I'm on displays them really well. When not on dipslay they all get put away in a large gold lined gift box. I like to treat them as precious items :o)

I started off with a shoe box and then got another as I obtained more toys. Now though I'm getting one of those heavy duty plastic boxes normally used for storage.

we're currently using a bookcase & a few hooks on the wall (for floggers, restraints, etc) but will be on the lookout for something a bit more subtle in a couple of years when we start a family (don't wanna give him/her/them nightmares)

currently a small bookcase and hooks as CCW says - but will be adding doors/drawers to an Ikea Expedit bookcase for a bit more space and to keep the more in your face toys out of public display (there you go CCW - lookout over)

i keep mine in two ikea black cd storage boxes- they aren't lockable but are cheap and nice to look at- they were less than £5 for a pack of 2.

you can also get a4 paper sized ones, dvd sized ones and probably boxes even bigger than that.

I have a lockable two drawer file caddy as mine. The lower drawer that would hold files is the naughty drawer. I put cutlery draining racks in it, and I stand my vibes and dildos up in those, and use a few boxes inside for batteries and other items. It works really well, though it's made of plain gray metal, so not especially attractive.