Toy cleaning questions

Hey everyone so i have questions im curious about and i know that there are LH videos and that i have watched them but a few things not covered.

How on earth do you clean the head of your wand? Like all the lube gets in the creases!!

Also if anyone owns one of the tracey cox vibrators, that material is so different and it seems to attract dust worse than anything, is that safe to clean with toy cleaner/wipes or just water? The material just seems like it will give up on me if i give it a real clean!

And sex toys being seperated i dont have any satin bags yet so is it ok if i leave them in my box and just put something in between them all to seperate them?

and can bullets be touching or do they all have to be seperate too?

Sorry for all the questions

For the wand head you can use a toothbrush or a nail brush, I know it's a bother but at least it seems some companies are catching up on it and making seamless heads.

Toy cleaners should be safe for most toys if nothing else has been clearly stated (like if it's some fancy skin-like stuff), though he easiest way to avoid toys getting dusty is keeping them bagged. Most tracey cox toys are silicone or hard plastic which is very durable. 

As long as the toys don't touch eachother directly there should be no problem to store them together. Bullets can touch if they're hard plastic, but not any rubber or soft materials. Silicone toys are supposed to be stored separatedly too but aren't as reactive and most can safely be touching without getting ruined.

You can really use any kind of bags for storage, zip-lock, fabric gift bags, sun glass cases etc, or even just some socks.

I don't use lube with my wand, but if I need to clean between the creases I just use a wipe and my nail fits in, you could also try a toothpick or toothbrush.
Your toys will be fine without bags as long as they are not touching, if you want to be careful you can put them into socks until you get bags!
Bullets depend on the material like anything else. Rubber or jelly shouldn't be touching anything especially other rubber/jelly. Unless a silicone toy is pure silicone it shouldn't be touching anything else, especially other silicone.. I think all hard plastic, metal, glass, and ceramics are ok to keep together but I'm not 100% sure.
I keep all of my toys in individual bags just to be safe and keep them clean (some in lovehoney satin bags, and some, especially bullets, in little purses that I seem to have collected without any other use). You could put them in socks, or little purses, or wrap them in scarves, or anything else you can think of until you get some satin bags!

Great advice here, I also use my nail around the ridges of the wand with a wipe too. I also found a couple of Lovehoney guides that you may also find useful :) xx

For cleaning I always use the lovehoney brand cleaning spray. I have the tracey cox rabbit and I always give it a really thorough clean with the spray and it's never done it any harm. For ridges I would try spraying it and then cleaning it with a soft tootbrush.

As for storage, hard plastic toys don't really need covers but silicone toys do and jelly/rubber toys could melt together if not separated (although I wouldn't touch jelly toys with a barge poll as their pourous and therefore unhygenic). I wouuld also keep metal and glass toys in storage bags to prevent scratching/chipping. The lovehoney storage cases are also really good and have different compartments and anti-bacterial lining.

I hate my wand for this. I wash it (like everything) with water and soap, and use toy cleaner after. Thin cotton buds are good for getting in the gap, I find, just the cheap ones you get from poundland or whatever.

I have the TC rabbit too. It picks up lint like nobodies business, but it's just because of the type of silicone and how smooth it is. A lot of my high end toys do it, as well as the 'stickier' cheaper silicones and jellies. It's perfectly safe to use LHs toy cleaner on it: silicone is relatively inert, so it isn't going to react to anything short of bleaches and acids :)

As for bag problems: LH ones come up on deal of the day every now and again. I went to the good old bay of E, and bought a bazillion velvet jewellry bags for mine, because I have a lot of toys and wanted them all to have homes at once :')
But yeah, until you can bag everything, just wrapping them up will be fine!

I really like the soft toothbrush idea RubyRed, Ima have to try that!

I find cleaning my wand to be a right pain! The one I have isn't waterpoof and it says in the manual that you're not allowed to rinse it or run it under a tap, so when I spritz the sex toy cleaner on it all lathers up and then it's hard to wash off properly without getting the toy too wet. Those ridges are a nightmare too! But fairehlights idea for using cotton buds sounds useful!

The LH sex toy cleaner is great for waterproof toys because you can just spray it on, give it a rub, then rinse off under the tap. However, for the non-waterproof items I find it difficult to rinse off properly, so sex toy wipes would properly be more suitable (seems you can only buy them in packs of 10 though!).

As others have said, it's perfectly fine to store your toys in socks or something for the time being if you were saving up to buy some satin bags. I've bought one of the lockable toy cases, and I just keep my silicone toys in bags inside and leave the plastic ones as they are.