toy collection too large???

Is there such a thing as a toy collection too large.
I cannot stop myself ordering toys but some i will admit get pushed to the back and forgotten about and never get used.
I have over 60 sex toys of sorts from a variety of vibrators to a variety of jiggle balls, i am actually not even going to cound the actual number of items because i may scare myself. I think its not a bad habit for now as its not expensive as such and i dont drink or smoke or gamble and dont have a permant partner, kids or many expenses for the time being so im ok for now.
Some i am not too interested in using and not sure if i will but its the parting with them that i can find difficult.... i may b using the adopt a toy thread a little here and there to slowly let others have some of the joys hidden in my draws.

No such thing as too many as long as you can afford to buy them x

*** off to stalk adoption thread ***

I am fairly sure Richard and Neal would say you can never have too many.

There is a girl on YouTube who has 176 lip balms of one spesific brand. She calls it a collection, and she has multiple duplicates of each flavour/colour.

I think as long as your collection a) brings you some kind of happiness, b) doesn't negatively affect your ability to handle your financial obligations, c) has at least some variety (not 60 toys of the exact same make and edition) and d) doesn't push you out of the house - you're good ;-)

So longs you can afford them whats the problem? I wish i had so many


I stopped myself buying things just because it got too much and storage was a problem!

Used to buy things just because, with no intention of really using them much as (probably)had something better already. Have about 20 different vibes now in the collection (that's after sending about 30 off to rabbit amnesty!) but tend to only use 3, the tango, siri or my squishy tenga :-)

dildos on the other hand, especially glass, we can get through 10-15 in one session just for the different feelings, sensations and pleasures. Changing vibes doesn't give the same kick

Truegrace - 30 off to rabbit amnesty? Not all in one go??????

Stephiski - as long as you can afford it, what's the problem? I don't have many, just started my collection recently on LH, but I like the other things that go with them as well such as the undies, stockings & shoes. I like shoes....... As long as your collection doesn't force you to move to a bigger home, you're OK!

NEvans wrote:

So longs you can afford them whats the problem? I wish i had so many


i go along with this

I have a lot, no where near as many as you my problem is I'm a student and move around a lot and I have filled 2 lovehoney cases (medium and small) plus i have the mains powered wand and a large dildo (not obscenely large but 8 inches long and 6 inches wide) in a seperate case. It gets hard to hide, when I had just a rabbit it was easy to hide.

I have probably a variety of 30 vibrators from clitoral to rabbits. Jiggle balls. Three love eggs. Four plugs. Three anal beads. 15 restraints of sorts. Three collars. 15 glass items. Chastity belt. 4 styles nipple clamps. Not to mention candles and massage oils and lubes also lingerie...... thats an ever growing collection and im soon to be an owner of another corset.
I dont think thats everything i own in fact i know it isnt but its a case of going through it all now. Oh and a tail plug as well.
I like the varieties and choices available and oh wait 😕 i have more bondage rope and a paddle and more things arriving this week. As well as more lingerie this week.... whoops lol

I had to move home to my parents last year after a bad relationship split so i think i am finding myself and working on me and sex is a bigger part of that im now figuring out.... need i say they saw hog ties and after arguments they agreed to not under any circumstances to look in my draws lol.

Toys are like shoes there's no such thing as too many as long as you have space to store them and buying them isn't getting you in to debt or leaving you unable to pay other bills

stephiski wrote:

Is there such a thing as a toy collection too large.


would have to say no

Well you are asking a bunch of fellow sex toy addicts if you have a problem... kinda comical.

The advise above is spot on, do you have room, can you afford it, does it bring you joy.

I used to fell guilty throwing out a toy, but as I have learned my body better and know what works for me there are some of those early purchases that just needed to go. I would send to Rabbit Amnesty but I live in the US...

I have tried to organize mine so as I shop now I consider do I already have that category of toy... in most instances I do... so if I do waht is new or different about that toy and do I really need it. If I am not sure I save it to a private wishlist to ponder on to avoid impulse purchases.

If I do not have that type of toy I save it the same, do some research and read the reviews.

PokingFun wrote:

You can never have too many toys.

Underwear on the other hand... My drawer is exploding. I still need more though >.<

I hear you, sister! Just the other day I said to my husband I need to stop buying lingerie! And one day after we were going out and he wanted me to put on a crotchless white knicker and I realised I didn't have a white one so now I need to buy lingerie! LOL!

I have lots of undies and shoes... again who cares, I can afford it, they bring me joy.... I have tried thinning out the lingerie collection but then i try it on and think damn I can't get rid of this!

I think you can have too many toys, just like you can have too many of anything. I have draws full of toys but when it comes to it i always use the same one toy every single time. On the rare occasion i use something different, its always a choice between about 5 things.

In all honesty someone could steal 75% of my solo toys and i probably wouldnt even notice!

Now i tend to be picky with what i buy and dont impulse buy so much. I try and look more at things we dont have many of that we can use together rather than solo toys for me.

I must admit i do find these forums uncomfortable at times when so many people openly share about their money troubles and then start threads asking for advice on what toys to buy. I feel like i cant contribute because i would feel like i am adding to their financial troubles. Its so easy to lose perspective when you are surrounded by so many tempting toys so i do understand it completely!

PokingFun wrote:

I only have drawers. I don't think anything can fit in a draw. :P


now i am having visions of my nan using the term drawers as knickers and visioning having large knickers suspended from the ceiling like a hammock to contain all my sex toys....

Obviously if you couldn't afford and was putting yourself in debt or financial difficulty then fair enough but you don't smoke, gamble or drink, your toys bring you joy. I personally don't see an issue with that..

There's still a taboo over people owning lots of toys, my friends have maybe 1 rabbit stuffed in their knicker drawer. I personally have a locked cupboard that holds about 30 vibrators / dildos, 6 butt plugs / beads, about 8 clitoral toys, hog ties, couple of sets of ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, collars, leashes, underwear, dress up, "sex heels" as I call them, my glass toys, paddles, spanking toys.. I have my big items there as well, spreader bar, underbed restraint system, over door restraints.

There'as probably even more stuff in there!! I personally think if that's what makes you happy then go for it. I'm proud of my cupboard and I love going through it and choosing what I want to use depending on my mood. That's half the fun!

I agree with if you can afford them and they make you happy then why not.

you could always move up to Rechargable toys that will not need batteries, they also tend to be more powerful.

Dont forget if you buy a toy and it doesn't do it for you, you can send it back via the Lovehoney returns policy.