Toys and a new partner

There was a post doing the rounds recently about hiding toys from your children, does anyone hide there toys from there partners? What about if your single, would you hide these from anyone your dating?

I keep most of my toys in my bedside drawer and I am lucky that the only people that could find them are flatmates. If they do find them its their own fault as I have nothing to hide. (they almost found my toys drying in the bathroom yesterday and I had to usher them the other way. Some conversations I cannot be bothered having.)

Should I get a new partner I wouldn't hide my toys from them as I feel no need. If they found them and questioned them I would discuss them openly, or would maybe bring them up if the time was right. I don't think that secrets are good and in time I would make sure they knew about them. If they dont accept them then it is their problem as I've had my toys longer than any new relationship.

I would be willing to compromise so he didnt know I was using them or something, but ultimately im keeping the toys.

I don't hide my toys from my partner, he uses most of them with me but im sure there's some he doesn't know about purely cos im a bit addicted to the site and i don't always remember what I've ordered.

When we started dating i didn't make a point of telling him (seems an odd thing to announce) but he did ask at one point and i was honest, seemed little point in lying as he obviously thought i did anyway :)

Really happy for you AA sounds like everythings going really well :)

Agree that this site is fantastic for advice. My friends don't really talk that much about sex, which is fine i realise some people like to keep stuff like that private. I do to a certain extent but i do wonder where id get all my info from if i wasn't on Lh.

Avrielle You sound more like the old you hun! That makes me happy :)

Sounds like Mr_Aniko is a pretty sound guy and hopefully the right one for you now?!

I for one would shake his hand and vouch that indeed you're no flirter or cyber girl etc on here ! Big hugs xx

Thanks, i wasn't sure. I'm not seeing anyone but not sure about making numerous purchases in case i start to see someone and have to throw them out or hide them, which would lead to awkward questions later.

If ever I'm single again my WeVibe is coming out to play

Well in that case I hope you never have to use it...

No my OH knows exactly what I have in my toy draw and what I dont have and he very much likes using them on me & I like that . I esp love it when he buys toys to use on me very enjoyable we are very open about what each other has sex toys wise and its nice as we can use/share together x