Toys and lingerie as gifts

I mean for birthdays, Christmas and anniversarys...

My OH and I's anniversary is coming up and this year we imposed one rule only. Romantic gestures aside, no romantic presents, only filth :D

Trouble is I'm struggling to find something that fits the theme (copper anniversary). 

Any suggestions?

You might have a bit more scope from the modern list which is a desk set. We have a door jam cuff set which you can jam into a DIY bench . We use this arrangement in some of our roleplays.

Might give you some ideas.I know its steetching the theme a little !

Copper I think you will be struggling unless you paint something kinky with copper coloured paint .

Hiya, a good shout but the modern gift list says desk set for 7yrs were you seeing copper at 7 on the U.S. list?)... we're at 9yrs; but that's no good either - the modern list for 9 is leather and as veggies going vegan one step at a time, leather is a no-go too...

This is hard! Any such thing as body safe paint?/I could get a Njoy wand and spray it?

Yeah 7th is copper in the US and thats were I had crossed referenced it from. Didn't realise that the UK was different to the US in that regard.

You could still go down the leather route and go for PVC or Faux leather instead. Love Honey has some really nice Faux leather floggers which are great in sensory play when slowly dragged accross the body.

Faux leather would make a really good plan B (thank you!), but am still hankering after a copper toy if it's do-able

I like it!! :P

Can feel a role play coming on :)

Ranger74 wrote:

Police man/woman outfit? Copper?

Oh man! You beat me to it! This was going yo be my suggestion!

#greatminds 😄

How creative are you? For our copper anniversary, I made my OH a keyring out of a copper coin from the year we met. Not sure how you could kinkify that - maybe customise a cheap piece of lingerie, like a copper-y triangle bra or something!

i know it's not copper but what about nipple clamps that are a goldish color?

I do have the Lovehoney cop uniform stashed away ready to pounce on the Mrs some time. I did look rediculous in it when I first got it becasue it does emphasise any podge on your tummy area with the waist band being tight. Looks much better on now since I lost a lot of weight.

So yeah it could make an exciting night if you can surpirse her and clap thoughs cuffs on her before she realises whats happening .

My Mrs has also a cop costume and don't I know it. I had a sore rear for a few days after the role play. She got rathr carried away with her part and it was the first time I activated my safe word as she took very little notice of the word" Amber " , when she was laying into my rear.

You could actually combine the two. Faux leather cuffs and implements and either of the cop uniforms depending on who is the dominant out of you both.

Oh I'll definitely be the bad guy that'll need cuffed, no question about that ;)

Will fit well with my OH's naturally dominant side.

Like the look of the Fever wetlook policewoman dress, but wish there was more choice on here. Would love to go all out with a rubber outfit but funds too tight. There's some amazing outfits if you spend a few hundred ££