Tracey Cox Vibrating Love Egg

Has anyone else had trouble with the battery life? Used it once with OH and now it's dead :-(

Yes, I didn't even get to use mine before the battery died. I went out and bought some new ones, Tested it worked and left it on the side. Went to turn it on a few days later and it had stopped working, I had bought Duracell batteries. I'm really annoyed, Pleased its not just me tho.

kitty x

Yip... Battery life is just awful in them.. And if u get new batteries make sure you remember to take them out after use as it will eat them too...

I agree with Milf, make sure you take the batteries out after each use, especially the egg. Once the batteries are in, it is 'on standby' the whole time as there is no off switch on the egg, and this really drains the batteries :) x

Tell me about it. Just got some new batteries, so fingers crossed

Thanks for the advice I'll remove the batteries :-)

Just bought one of these so thanks for the tips 😃

I've heard that battery life is really bad with these,too.