Tracking on USPS packages

Suggestion: remove the “Lovehoney LLC” from USPS tracking.

Really makes it hard to surprise the wife. :disappointed_relieved:

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I think that may be a USPS requirement, rather than a Lovehoney thing. They would have to change their legal name which would then be easily searchable anyway.

Is it possible for you to get it sent to a post office for pick up instead maybe?

Hermes does this in the UK, too, so I think it is just a courier thing. Can’t really change it :frowning:


@Green_Eyed_Girl Only if we had a PO Box.
If you set it for post office pickup, it still ties to your home address for identity purposes, which means it would still show up on our tracking tracker(Informed Delivery).

Ah, thats a pest.

To follow up, here’s what I mean. This is a package from that biblical duo site(sorry…they had one particular thing I wanted for the misses).

Oops…apparently I can’t post pics yet.

Their package comes labeled as from “PHE INC. P41.” Unless my wife remembers that from last time, she’ll think nothing of it.

Sadly USPS, and most US shipping services, aren’t as accommodating as UK ones, they usually deliver when they decide and you can’t divert or have it held somewhere :sweat_smile: Don’t get why it would matter on the tracking as I assume you’re the one tracking it, and I’m pretty sure it says LH Trading on the physical packages I got while in the States :thinking: :sweat_smile: Just tell her not to look at it once she accepts it if she’s the one who will be accepting it :sweat_smile:

The box says nothing, but the online tracking says Lovehoney. Since we both have Informed Delivery, she can see any inbound packages to our address.

Oh well. Doubt she’ll notice…hasn’t yet!

I usually choose DHL to USPS for shipping since it’s the free option. It doesn’t say Lovehoney when I check the tracking, but I don’t use Informed Delivery… Like @rosiedosie said, maybe ask her not to look if there’s an inbound package that’s a gift :slight_smile:

DHL side doesn’t say it. USPS side does.

I do tell her to avoid tracking when I have a planned gift coming, but it kinda ruins the surprise factor if I have to warn her.

Our USPS carrier that delvers to us is a nice lady and often smiles and chats me up when handing me a LH package . Of course durning the summer months I rarely wear a shirt and always wear shorts or ultra short cut off jeans . I like to think I cheer her up a bit while on her route .

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