Trans male suitable strokers/sleeves

I'm a trans man with reasonable bottom growth from testosterone (idk how familar people are with this here but anyway it means my clit grew into a small penis essentially) and I've wanted to try out a stroker for a while. For moral reasons I absolutely cannot abide buck angel (I won't get into it but he's a terrible person) but it's all that comes up in any search for what I'm looking for.

I just want a masturbator that is definitely not going to be too big! I don't want to have to order something from some obscure international site, so what products can a guy with a tiny dick use to get off that are available in the uk?

Hello and welcome. 🙂

Alicia4Ever wrote:

There is this thread I started on the trans issue of how it is best to refere to a trans woman; maybe you may want to have a read. I have not heard of any derogatory terms used to decribe trans guys but you are welcome to comment.

Here's the link: 👍

Hello Bowieboy, welcome to the site :)

What about a Tenga Egg? They are really stretchy and flexible which makes them really squishy and squashable too so your hand can squeeze around it. If that doesn’t quite work for you still, you could also turn it inside out and cover your fingers with the egg. It’s not exactly the same as a masturbator but would give you some textured sensation

And yes, I’ve heard a lot of not great stuff about Buck Angel as a person. I am surprised that no-one has come out with any rival products yet

I have nothing to add with my experience as a trans woman, but welcome to the forums! Alicia gives amazing advice, so definitely check out the suggestions she has put out.

Re: Buck Angel, the review I read leads me to believe you’re not missing out in any case, 2 different guys on T have said it fell down on its USP by being too big! I know zilch about strokers but I wonder about stroking gloves you wear on your hand. I know LH have at least one stroker glove (Oxball, looks awesome but pretty dear) and I wonder a) about using the glove in general as option for you and b) whether you might be able to convert a glove into small strokers by cutting off the fingers and turning them inside out so that the texture is inside.