Truth or dare

Hi guys,

New here so sorry if this is already out there.

Me and the gf are looking for some risky/kinky dares.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hi, there was a thread on this recently if I remember rightly I’ll try and find the link.

In the meantime’s, these might give you some ideas?

My wife is very shy but we do something that she finds a great turn-on.

For over 20 years, we have lived very near to a well known forest in southern England. We walk on the forest two or three times a week so know it very well. We love open-air sex where there is a risk of being seen. I don't mean dogging or anything really obvious but sex where there's a chance of being seen. There are parts of the forest that we avoid - those popular with families and known dogging areas. Instead, we choose the more remote areas, frequented by dedicated walkers and bird watchers. We leave the main trails and go into the trees, far enough away that we can't be seen in detail but close enough that it is obvious what we are doing. Usually, I'll fuck my wife from behind with her leaning against a tree or she'll suck me off on her knees. We never look to see if anyone is watching until we finish, then we both look. I guess we're watched maybe 25% of the time. For both of us it's a massive turn-on, not knowing if we are being watched or not. Once, we were given a round of applause by four elderly female walkers, haha.

There are a few little games / card packs that Lovehoney sell that might give you plenty of ideas.


I'm sure they'll keep you entertained for a while and not only give you fun things to try but also inspire other ideas by the suggestions given too.

I looked for a tread with this topic but couldn't find one.

Thanks for your feedback so far it's a good read!

If anyone has any further ideas, that would be great!

Aww I thought this was going to be a game thread of truth or dare lol great advice from the aboves. X

Tazzy84red wrote:

Aww I thought this was going to be a game thread of truth or dare lol great advice from the aboves. X

We could certinatly do this!

If your partners anything like an ex of mine a good dare would be to masturbate in front of you for two minutes. My ex would have been mortified if I’d asked her to do that. I’m more open so it wouldn’t have been a problem but some people not so much. If she’s a little shy this would be a good one.