Trying to find a 1990s documentary on the legality of S&M in the UK

Hi everybody,

I'm here to ask for help: I'm trying to find a documentary I remember seeing on UK television in the mid-1990s on the legality of sadomasochism in the UK.

The main problem is that I remember very little about the programme -- just (1) the subject matter; (2) an interview with some legal figure who took the view that any consensual sexual activity involving pain would be technically illegal; and (3) the presenter or an interviewee at one point talking to the camera while bound up in a leather sleepsack or something similar (!). I have a feeling it may have been one of the weekly current affairs programmes on the BBC or ITV. Given the topic, I'm sure it must have been after the watershed.

I know it's a long shot, but does it ring a bell with anyone? Even just identifying the programme would be a great help. I do have other sources -- articles, essays, etc. -- so I don't *need* this documentary, but it might be useful.

Thanks in advance.

Wow. Sounds like you want something quite specific. I've bumped your thread so it's back at the top of the list.

I hope someone can help you!