TV documentary

I work for a TV company called Ricochet, and I’m currently in the very stages of developing a new documentary series about people who write about their sex lives online – either through blogs, journals, or in forums. We want to explore why people want to share their experiences online, what they do, and why.

At the moment we’re just in the research phase, but we’re looking for people who might be prepared to be interviewed for the series.

The kind of issues that we want to address are: what inspires people to start writing? What motivates them to continue? How much of what is written is fact, and how much fantasy? Is there a scene, i.e. do writers read and comment on each other's writing, and do they meet up socially? We also want to investigate some of the surrounding issues like privacy, anonymity, and media intrusion.

If you don’t want to appear on the programme as yourself, would you be happy to contribute if we could conceal your identity? Even if you yourself aren't interested perhaps you could give me some advice on who we could approach, or where else we could look?

Ricochet is one of Britain's leading independent television production companies, with a reputation for innovative and award winning programming. Recent successes include Supernanny, as well as No Going Back, My New Home, and Sex Tips for Girls. If you want to check out the company you can find us on
I can be contacted by email: or by phone: 01273-224800.

I hope to hear from you soon.