Tying up activities

So, me and my OH have recently started exploring sex a little more than the usual stuff. Im considering tying her up tonight and having some fun.

Id like advice on the best and easiest way to restrain her a little (our headboard is solid so cant do that), and then what that type of restraint leads to easiest if that makes sense, theres no point tying her legs together as i cant get to anything haha.

She loves oral by the way if that helps with any suggestions. We have some silk tie restraints and handcuffs (neither ever used)


Without knowing what tou have in your house/ bedroom etc its a little hard but you could use the restraints to tie her wrists together and tell her she MUST keep them above her head and if she moves you wont let her orgasm? You could restrain her hands to her ankles with the silky ties and cuffs and tell her to keep her legs open.
We have an under bed restraint sfrom LH which is great if you havent got any hard points to tie to but you can also get over door retraints aswell if you want to take it away from the bed.


I like the sound of the under bed jobby, may have a look at one of them :slight_smile:

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You could always have her lay down and tie her hands to a chair, or table leg. Alternatively you could try this https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/bondage/handcuffs-restraints/bed-restraints-and-ties/p/bondage-boutique-bound-to-please-white-under-mattress-restraint/a19809g73545.html

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Thanks, have just ordered it :slight_smile:


I’m sure you’ll have great fun. I’m not a huge fan of cuffs and silk ties, I don’t feel the same restraint iykwim, but for a first time trying they are ideal.

For quicker action, we tend to use velcro restraints, but I absolutely love good old bondage rope. I love the look and the bite it can give, plus the sexy imprint reminder afterwards. It can take time to set up, but we tend to have a permanent loop under the mattress. That saves us time.

That looks like a nice simple set . The first time I was tied up was about 40 years ago . Girlfriend surprised me and tied me to her bed using soft robe belts and then put a blindfold on me . Talk about exciting the hell out of me ! Since then I have had a number of different home made and store bought restraints and absolutely love being controlled and dominated . I hope you both get into it and enjoy yourselves as much as I have .

I love being tied and up favourite, our favourite one is this https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/bondage/handcuffs-restraints/bed-restraints-and-ties/p/dominix-deluxe-adjustable-leather-cuff-under-mattress-set/a34884g63180.html
With a blindfold on, along with my favourite slapper paddle and riding crop :ok_hand:

I have just managed to attach a piece of rope to the back of our headboard that i can now tie our silk restriants from and it cant be seen from the front, my genius knows no bounds


What about using the silk ties but on both her legs, keeping them well apart so you can give her oral. Hopefully she will be begging for PIV later. @AndyPandy2

Best advice is to never lose the keys to your handcuffs lol :joy:

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As most have said the under the bed restraints are a very good start. My only point would be to go with a purple or black set. The white set can get sweaty marks.

Id swerve the rope play (just in my experience) but we have also bought this one.

We loved it, its less spur of the moment but great for certain positions. Id highly recommend doggy with the restraint…

With the under the bed restraint id add a blindfold but thats up to you and your partner.

Our headboard is the same but be inventive. Look around your room / house. We had a coat hook which fits on the back of the door. We are able to hook the handcuffs to each hook to create semi suspension and restrain one another that way. Obviously difficult to have full sex that way but good for foreplay.

My OH also used to like to put me on my knees on the floor with my lead tied around the bed post and my arms handcuffed behind whilst she’d either get ready or just leave me to stew.

Obviously whatever you do, risk assess it first!