Types of sex

Do you find sometimes you have so much toys/lingerie etc to actually decide what to go to? Or do you plan more if makes sense. Sometimes just in the heat of the moment plain old vanilla cuddly sex is what's needed rather than more longer prolonged sessions to build the tension?

I usually know what kind of stimulation I'm craving, for example if I am feeling like a little butt play, and then it's just a matter of choosing a toy, what size etc. I do however sometime forget about certain toys for a long time so they don't get considered. The sensua, cuddling side is where there's a problem, there's no toys can satisfy that when that's what's I'm craving.

I’m the same as above, I kinda know what I’m looking for. Not every session with a toy needs to be prolonged and built up, I can grab my Tango and be done in a minute or less so it really just depends.

Oh that's interesting I think as we are still new to the toys scene so much is new and unknown it's more a bit of exploring what does it for each other if makes sense. Learning what each toy is best for what situations etc Exploring fantasies and things we unsure of etc. Listening to the urges and sensations our bodies make.

I know what I fancy at the time, but it is easy to get stuck in a rut and forget about some toys that you haven’t seen for a while, you can play games with yourself and select a few toys and say that is all I am allowed to use this week and rotate them like that to mix it up a little. Or even say no batteries required this week including rechargeable toys.