Unable to cum

I am a 30 year old woman. Myself and my OH always have lots of fun together and we have a sunday funday every week too. A few times recently when we have been having fun i have been unable to cum. I would be stimulating my clit with my vibrating toys to get me to cum the first time so it is easier to then move onto my dildos. But the problem i am having at times is that i have all the sensation and feel like i am going to cum but then nothing happens and i am bone dry. This leads to a lot of frustration for me and feel like i have let my OH down as he loves to watch me cum and it puts a dampner on our fun as i endup so frustrated. Has anyone else ever experienced this or can explain why this could be happening?

Have you tried oral - I find it’s so easy to achieve orgasm with the help of my husbands tongue :yum:

Are you able to orgasm when you’re masturbating alone?
If you are, then you’re probably just in your head. Try and focus on the pleasure rather than the performance.

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Sounds like you have too much going on. If you are focusing on having an orgasm to get one done and for your partner’s enjoyment then it’s going to lose its sexiness and make it hard to orgasm. You aren’t a disappointment to your partner if you can’t cum straight away. I’m sure what turns them on is you enjoying yourself not you “performing”. Rushing an orgasm to move on to the next thing is never going to be sustainable.

Dial it back to start with. Drop the need to orgasm straight away and just focus on enjoying the sensations. You could even go as far as deliberating teasing yourself/edging so you are close but not having the orgasm.

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Some great suggestions already, can I just ask are you on any medication that may be preventing things? Just a thought to consider.