Underwear - G String

I like the idea of wearing g-string underwear ( someone mention it making them feel more feminine and confident in another thread) but find them really uncomfortable to wear does anyone have any tips or particular styles that are more comfortable?

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My first piece of advice may be confusing, depending on where in the world you are. Thongs have more fabric to the back part generally so can be a better starting point that the normally very thin g-string.

Tanga are another style worth looking at, as they still show off plenty of the bum but have a little more fabric than your average thong or g string.

I would suggest going for softer materials to start with, such as cotton (lace can be good, but it can be hit and miss on how soft it is).

The more you wear them, the easier they are to wear so try and wear them regularly but at the same time, give your butt a break. If you are feeling irritation then give them a break.

And definitely make sure you are wearing the right size. You don’t want the underwear to be digging in anywhere, even just a little bit.


Ditto on the cotton thongs. Id never worn them before but found them very comfy. Ive heard it can vary, and some will be less of a good fit, so you may have to try a few.
I found these one where really comfy options too

Look more like a cheese cutter to me :rofl::rofl::rofl: