Uneasy !

Help ! I'm not bisexual or at least I don't think I am but I'm finding myself very aroused by some of the ladies pictures on here in particular the large breast pics . Is this normal ? I'm very happy with my partner and we have great sex but I can't help wondering ....

I'd say it's normal. Even when I was all super in love with a guy and commited to him, I still sure like lookin at women. Men not at all weirdly. But it was never anything I wanted to act on. Most folk at least look at other people apparently!

Thank you but I'm starting to fantasise now . I may want to try it . Maybe this is the start of something new I don't know

Well maybe it's something you can discuss with your man, or try out with him.

When I'm a bit confused about something sexually I tend to go watch a video of it or look at pictures of it and see how I feel.

Though that's not always ideal cause some things come up with extremes.

Like when I was curious about bdsm. Video wise, it always seems to be very light or very hardcore stuff no inbetweens.


I'm super turned on by ladies. I wouldn't sweat it. See how you feel in a while maybe, and if you still want to try it then maybe talk to your partner about it? :)

He did actually suggest this a while back and I was horrified ! Rejected it completely . He wanted to watch but not join in . I might bring it up again . Thanks for your help girls : )

Just relax and enjoy all the curiosites that come about. Life too short to not try at least once when the curiosity come knocking.

Let's face it, we are on a sexual happiness website ;-) It's completely natural to find women attractive, I mean who doesn't love boobs.... I've always adored and appreciated other women's boobs ( especially big boobies !! )

Personally I would keep it as a bit of a fantasy, I used to give the ex graphic descriptions of what I wanted to do to another woman if I wanted him to cum a bit quicker - it used to work every time !! Lol xx

I love the lingerie pages on here and get hugely turned on by the ladies and I am straight and have lived with my OH for 20 years ! ;)
Don't fret it !

It's totally normal! Everyone loves boobs :D

However, you could also be bicurious which, again is totally normal and something that crosses everyone's mind at one point or another!

Ah thanks everyone . Made me feel better . Shannon Marlene your boobs are lovely :) hope you take that as a compliment

Yes your pic is fab shannon !

I love a good look at boobs lol

I'm discovering I do too Pinkanimal ! Permanantly aroused lol