Unusual stockings/ hold ups

With summer hopefully arriving in a few months (unless it gets lost in the post as they often do in England) I want to brush off my skirts and get my legs out for the whole four days the sunshine will last.

Cos I'm paler than snow white when she's ill, I'm on the look out for unusual stockings and hold ups (dislike tights) or even cool thigh high socks. Anyone got any place they can recommend for me? Preferably not too expensive, but if they're purty link me anyway so I can go 'oooooh' :)

Hiya, well don't know about Rocky Horror style stocking hold ups, but you could try hooking them over my profile picture stocking hanger Crayola, good luck in your search.... the truth must be out there.....

I like fully fashioned stockings, coz I'm into the retro look, try http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/orgasmarmy/lingerie/what-katie-did-retro-seamed-stockings/reviews.aspx or the what katie did website where they do different colours. StockingsHQ pay also help you find what you'd like because they ahev a huge range.

They've little butterflies on them. But since they're latex they cost £60. They look nice though.

Cancel that. Use this link.


Ooh they're both really pretty...


These are pretty and a bit unusual! Nice price too :)

I like, I like! Pink as well! Well spotted AC!

The bloke linked me here-

some really gorgeous stuff. American sadly *cries*

http://www.attitudeclothing.co.uk/category_62-966_Socks.htm sooooooooocks


LOVE the rainbow stripey socks!

Stripey tights! hands down one of THE sexiest things worn on the streets. I coudle be due to my secret liking of emo girls but short skirts and stripey tights are the bomb!

hahaha i have a pair of knee high black socks with a pink stripe down the back of them and i wore them at the weekend with my floaty flowery skirt, boots and a brown suede leather jacket - awesome! apparently the girl in the local shop said i looked very relaxed after my holiday! haha!
i love the look of these sleeves - http://www.attitudeclothing.co.uk/product_17412-62-965_Pink-ribbon-sleeve.htm :)
or a hat!!! http://www.attitudeclothing.co.uk/product_18117-62-793_Meow-Hat-Pink.htm heheheh so cute!

My lil sis has the hat, but in black and red. It looks ace.

Loving the sleeves too *covert*

Diddlexl- I hate tights, but will be going for the stripey sock look