Update for everyone who has been helping me out this week

Hey everyone so i went to the hospital and had all my checks done (all negative but then i expected that) They also made me fill in a sexual assualt form so now it's filed incase he decides to harrass me again :)

Thank you for all your help and advice i feel much better now that i have got that sorted out! I'm so grateful to you all i honest to god do not know what i would have done if not for you! Although i do know i would not have taken a logical approach!

Glad it's all done and went ok!

Well done. Glad it was not too bad. You deserve a nice drink later. Hope the rest of your day is better.

wow Ive missed all this but i hope youre ok x

Well done, good to hear all the checks were clear. Take some time for yourself.

Glad it all went okay xxx

Have been following your thread MBE but as you had loads of helpful advice I didn't contribute. So glad you are OK. Take care. X

So glad all went well. Hope you're feeling a bit better now xx

Happy it's over babe's, you did the right thing. Xx

So glad you're okay! xxx

Well done! Glad you have been checked out and just concentrate on getting healthy and happy. Sending hugs!

Thank you everyone :) Gonna work on moving on now :)

Haha AsYouWish as soon as i win another even small amount on a card i will go buy myself a bottle of wine :)

Glad it went well and is all over and done for you. Now you can relax and move on x

Glad it all went okay, hopefully you'll be able to exhale now and work on moving on. You've definitely done the right thing, filling in the sexual assault form is a smart move to protect yourself in the future (but hopefully you won't be needing it!).

Take care xxx

Cos I am new on here I missed what happened etc.

However glad to learn that your on the mend and no serious damage done .

So glad to hear that it all went ok. Look after yourself x

I'm so happy that it went well and that your ok Hun *hugs* xx

You made a very brave decision to report the assault; well done. So glad nothing untoward was found at the clinic.

I hope you can relax a bit fof the rest of the day, maybe curl up with a cup of tea and a good book?

Wishing you well x

Really glad that it went well, and I hope that the person won't be harrassing you in the future, but at least you have the peace of mind knowing that you reported it. It was a really brave thing to do, and I hope that you're able to move on from it now that all the checks are over :) It seems like you're doing really well at keeping a positive attitude and dealing with everything proactively.

Take care x

Glad all went well and that you are feeling better for it! At least you're mind is at rest should he ever annoy you again. Time for some relaxation!