'Upgraded' to Regular?

Yesterday I received notification I had been ‘upgraded’ to ‘regular’ status… not sure what this now entitles me to??

However I still notice I posted something earlier and I was still listed as ‘basic’ … does this take time to change??

Thx R

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This is something you can change yourself, click on profile pic then go to preferences and acc and scroll down to bottome of page where you should see where to change it to regular.


Exactly as @L_amp_M25 says, the title badge you present to the forum is your own choosing. I can see you have indeed automatically upgraded to Regular, you just need to set what title you use.

Ducking Amazing! (which I use) is simply gained by winning a game of Hook-a-Duck! so open to any forum level.

In terms of what Regular status allows, this topic by Brenna, Trust Levels tells you exactly what every forum level permits and how you got to the level. Just click the drop down menus in the first post :+1:t2:

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Just to add, you can change your title from the available ones on your Preferences/Account page. :slight_smile: :+1: (magic link :magic_wand: :slight_smile:)


As always, thank you for the sound advice xx

I’m a Luddite, but hope I’ve sorted it xx

R xx

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I think I’ve done it!!!

Bless you all xxx


Happy regular days!! :partying_face:

I didn’t even notice I didn’t have a badge…until now!

Not sure what it is supposed to mean but I like that its open to interpretation :tipping_hand_man:t2:

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