Uploading Pictures

I keep trying to upload pictures, either the underwear shots, or a new avatar and I'm getting the error that the files are too big. The photos I'm trying to upload are generally just camera phone pictures. Is there a way I can make the picture file size smaller, or the allowance can be larger? The camera isn't particularly good so I can't see why, when people have some amazing photos on here, mine are too big.


Yo should have a picture editor program on your comp - even a free one included with windows/mac software will do the trick.

Think they need to be reduced to 500k

You can screen print the pic, and paste it in to paint, cut it down ect then save it as a Jpeg.

Just open the file in any basic picture editor (Microsoft Paint or something similar) and re-size it, going for e.g. 40% of its original size. Then save it as a .jpg file.

Download photo editor on ur phone and crop pic that way, takes lik 30 secs to do x

I hope you got this sorted - if not please feel free to get in touch and we'll guide you through how to reduce the size of the file your uploading.

As the others have said, make sure it's in .jpg format and smaller than 1MB before uploading :)