UR3 Toys and Renewal Powder

I have several UR3/Cyberskin toys which have to have renewal powder used on them. Question: When you next come to use them (pardon the pun) do you have to wash the powder off? Most times I use condoms on my toys but other times I 'bareback' so to speak. Is cornflour harmful to a lady's downstairs?


You use the powder before storage, then wash off prior to next use

Thank you, Sum Sub

I never wash it off

You're welcome :)
Y&F - I would recommend washing it off, same as I'd recommend washing any toy prior to use.
Cornflour/cornstarch is used to thicken sauces so i can only imagine it acts to dry out any lubrication natural or otherwise.

Definitely wash it off! Really, you should rewash toys before use.

I don't choose toys in advance though, just pick them up as we go along, I understand it probably doesn't help the lube but it's only corn startch and it's not like I cake it on

Maybe you should get some toy wipes? It's pretty important to make sure they're super clean. You don't want to end up with any nasties in your sensitive areas!

i do wash them thouroughly after use then they all go straight in their bags

I always wash my toys with baby wash and again with LH toy cleaner. Then they get put away in their original packing.