Using a rabbit vibe?

So I'm male but I am transgender, and at times, I'll admit it.. I sometimes get a little jealous of the variety women have, and if I do go through with surgery etc I guess this is something I could look forward to after my healing etc..

Anyways, I was wondering how well using a Rabbit vibe would be on a male body? I was thinking about getting this one:

It has a rotatable shaft, which could maybe hit the prostate a little? As well as the ears, these could possibly reach the perenium / testicles.

If anyone has any experience or insight on using a rabbit on a male please let me know, thank you!

I dated a guy who used my rabbit once. He said it was ok, but I would recommend something that is specifically desinged for a male's anatomy to get maximum pleasure.

There are plenty on here, and there are lots of lovely people about that can offer you advice as to which to start with or try x

I know I have read a review about a guy that used a rabbit vibrator and loved it. So it is possible that you might like it :)

thank you both! I've had dildos, butt plugs etc.. I like big toys 5"+, I love being stretched, although I want to get a vibrator that can be used anally (hence a rabbit) but I'm unsure of what to go for, especially if it was a 'male' toy.

I see nothing wrong with using a toy "for women" if you have a vagina (even if you don't). Seriously, if you feel like trying one, then do, I don't see why you shouldn't.

Maybe a vibrating prostate massager, something like this. And if you go through with surgery, it could still be used as a regular vibrator :)

I just recently ordered some products so I don't exactly have a lot of money to be spending. I love the aspects of dildo's, especially realistic ones! The rabbit vibe just looked so good and I think I would love it, it was on as an offer a few weeks ago so I may see if it comes back on offer, hopefully!!

Well then I think you should try it out, I don't see why you shouldn't. It's angled to reach your prostate and you'll probably enjoy it :)

I have a couple of rabbits. Although the rabbit ears are not in the best place for me and I assume most men I do still quite like having the ears vibrating as it is a nice feeling whilst playing. The best thing about a rabbit is the rotating/thusting head and/or rotating beads inside. An amazing feeling with them on, like, WOW. The rabbit bit limits the insertable length so you may want to get a bigger one than you think you need, i find I run out of toy sometimes.

It's worth shopping around and trying some out for feel. Some of the cheaper ones can be really noisy. One of mine sounds like a steam train. Sigh. You should definitely buy one, you won't regret it.

And to all those budding sex toy desginers out there, I would definitely buy a rabbit made just for men. I will even lend you my testing services!

ouhgoiuh wrote:


It has a rotatable shaft, which could maybe hit the prostate a little? As well as the ears, these could possibly reach the perenium / testicles.


When a very similar question came up last year I tried my Oh! rabbit (the predecessor to the Dream) anally and it turned out that the rotation of the beads simply stopped because the rabbit was not powerful enough to overcome the muscles. Without a prostate I can't say more, neither do I know whether the Dream is more powerful than the Oh!.

However, as a general rule, try out whatever you feel like (as long as it's safe) - another discussion, from the female point of view, has established that often colour is the main difference between G-spot and prostate toys ;)

Another general rule: Very often you do get what you pay for, so the rotating/vibrating prostate toys from Nexus and Lelo may very well be worth their money... I can confirm that the L'Amourosa vibrations are amazing (I have the Denia, the Rosa's should be the same).

As someone with ladyparts who thinks rabbits are overrated, I certainly wouldn't bother if I didn't!

But you know, grass is always greener, to each their own, one man's trash, etc. etc.

The opinion seems to vary greatly, so there's really only one way for you to know and that's to go ahead and try it. With LH, you can always return it if it's a disaster.

I would, however, reiterate Talia's advice that 'you do often get what you pay for' in regards to vibes, so wait until you have the funds to splash out, at least a little bit.

Female toys definitely have more variety, but while the male toy line up doesn't have 'rabbits', per say, it does feature toys that are the same logic of dual external and internal stimulation. You'd probably find one of those a better fit for your body, in all honesty, like Talia has mentioned the rabbits tend to grind to a halt near an anus so even if it reached your prostate, it probably do much (if anything). They quite often grind to a halt on a vagina too. I think you'd get more from a toy dedicated to stimulating your prostate and perenium than from a rabbit vibrator, you can get ones that feature rotation/movement rather than just vibration like these (which I do realise are expensive options, but they're far more likely to work than a rabbit):

And there's a lot more to choose from if you just want internal and external vibrations with no motion. Even more to choose from if you just want an anal safe vibrator. I know there's no risk trying things that may not work for you what with Lovehoney's return policy (assuming you play safe obviously) but just wanted to put it out there that there are options designed for the male body that could give you the sensations you're looking for without so much trial and error :)

Lovebird_x's third link illustrates what I've said about colour being the main difference: The Lelo Loki Wave definitely looks like a "woman's" rabbit to me and I wouldn't hesitate using it as such if one came my way. The angle between internal and external stimulator seems to be a bit bigger than on the Ina 2 - but that one seems to grip the clit too hard, according to Epiphora. (Rabbit fit is always a question of individual anatomy). And on a very many rabbits the external stimulator is rather flexible and the angle therefore easily changeable.

(Please don't read the above as a recommendation of Lelo toys - I'm actually rather disappointed with my Mona 2's vibrations and consider Lelo overpriced. I'm talking about general principles and differences (or not) between men's and women's toys.)

I've my Mrs Rabbit up my bum, feels amazing n she gentle too

WoodynTina wrote:

I've my Mrs Rabbit up my bum, feels amazing n she gentle too

If it was made from anything other than silicone, I'd buy her a new one. Shouldn't be sharing orifices if it's a porous material.

Defo a silicon one, thanks for advice though