Using Chaturbate

Does anyone use Chaturbate? Either as just a viewer, a tipper or as a broadcaster?

I've recently started using it as a viewer and was wondering what the forums thoughts on it were. I recently read an online article about how it had taken the "World of Masturbation" by storm for both viewers and performers who can make quite a bit of cash from it!

I have done both. Viewed and done a few shows. Of witch I did make pretty good money to be fair.

Well this new to to me lol. If you can make money doing it go for it but I dont think its free is it? How do they pay? If its good money i think everyone would be doing it lol. I am interested in learning more about this anyone else who can comment?

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It's completely free to do. You just need to sign up and provide them with I.D for anyone going on cam. This is done in the way of a photo of photo I.d and a photo of you holding the I.d.
When set up you can get started. Then the hard bit Is to get people tipping you. You need to have your niche.
Your see woman on there full close up going at it with toys and only have a few viewers and no tippers. And then your have a couple just chatting and teasing with like 3k viewers earning good tIps.

Tips work out like like 20tokens is 1usd to you I or something like that.

I used to cam on my own as a bi bloke that would chat and do some thing's on cam and would earn a few 100 tokens.

Then one night my misses decided to join in for chat and that led to an blow job on cam and that went a bit nuts, because of our following and being new we had 3500 viewers in our room and made pretty good money.

To make money you need to earn an amount before they will send you a cheque. Over the 1 show with her we earned £152 but took about a month to come over and clear.

Not bad really haha.

I think some people who broadcast use a system whereby they perform until their tips reach a certain point and then they are allowed/able to orgasm.

It's sort of giving the viewers a goal to achieve and they get a reward, both performer and viewer, when it reaches the said amount.

Never heard of it. But good if you actually get paid for it if that's your thing 😂

I've been watching it since it was mentioned here, but I do have a question.

Apologies for my naivety, but the ladies are all wearing a small pink toy. Can anyone tell me what it is? I don't recognise it ![](upload://rWunPW3zYHdA0ypr4dRQnAP8JTy.gif)

The toy is an ohmibod. It's a toy that vibrates to you being tipped. This way people can control the vibrator with tips. It can be set so the more you tip the more powerful and also how long it lasts. Keeps the tips coming in as most people like the idea of having control.

I use it to do solo shows for free. Some people who watch are just idiots. But some are nice. To make money you need to earn a lot of tokens. If your a guy and wanting women to watch don't expect much it's mainly guys pretending to be women there are a few genuine women who view cams. I just enjoy putting on a show for everyone to watch. Next step to get the wife to cam with me. Wish me luck .

Ragz wrote:

The toy is an ohmibod. It's a toy that vibrates to you being tipped. This way people can control the vibrator with tips. It can be set so the more you tip the more powerful and also how long it lasts. Keeps the tips coming in as most people like the idea of having control.

Ahhhhh, okay. Thanks!

Yep it's my site of choice as a viewer, I spend

too much time on it lol... Have broadcast one ![](upload://lJMrTcqgi5lI1FOpb07OYOcv2YF.gif)

Does anybody do this with their partner?

My bf and I have spoken about watching porn together, but realy struggle to find anything decent amongst all the 'fake' stuff on normal sites

Unfortunately not my partners scene but it's a really good diverse site with options for all... I hope you find your thing ![](upload://lJMrTcqgi5lI1FOpb07OYOcv2YF.gif)

I've used a similar site as a broadcaster, and occasionally as a viewer. Mostly because I have an exhibitionist streak (![](upload://kym5tZ5EfyJxs6TKHB1Q2HtGSpK.gif)), rather than a method of making any money!

Great way to make a few quid. In fact if your a lady my free cams is much better my partner and I pay for all our holidays using these sites. We've done Italy, France, New York in the last year.

The toys models use can be oh mi bod (which are rubbish and most of the girls actually fake it)

My other half has a **edited** which is a much better toy and is compatible with most cam sites, being specifically made for this.

I believe the toy you were referring to would be a **edited**. It's small pink and has a small antenna that pokes out her lady bits?

You do need to know what you're doing as mentioned above a girl could be going hard close up and only get a few tips ( even with 1000 viewers) my partner and I usually have around 50-100 viewers at a time but we are real and that's what viewers want and tips can come in at 100tips a second on MFC I think each tip is like .05USD but on average we get a check every month for about 700USD for about 30 hours work. ( an hour or two a day)

Hey bin zwar hier neu aber dafür kenne ich das Portal chaturbate.

Ich sehe da auch immer bei einer sehr lieben rein, finde sogar das sie die netteste ist.

Bei wem habt ihr schon alles euer Erfahrungen gemacht? Welche girls sieht ihr denn euch immer so an?

Hey for videochat traffic you can use this works on chaturbate as well as other sites. I am sure this is how girls on first page make it there it is impossible to have so much traffic otherwise. I hope my little tip helps you guys in making more tips.

Not so sure advertising such things is aloud here :)

Too bad the internet was not around back when I was a bit of a stallion that also has always been a bit of an exibisionist . The Wife would have zero interest in it .