using magic wand during sex

I'm trying to think of new ways to use our wand. I was going to use it whilst in doggy position, has anyone tried this? If so was it awkward to hold it in place? Any tips/suggestions are welcome :)

You can always get your partner to hold it in place for you - or you can use some pillows/cushions to support it in various postions :) x

LH also sell this wand 'love seat' which could be useful:

The wand "love seat" that Scorpius mentioned is an option.

I don't bother using the wand during sex, it seems to get it the way whereas a bullet vibrator it much easier to use, as long as you can keep it in place.

A harness is great or being tied to the bed, trying some orgasm play etc.

Using it during doggie style or spooning are really good. It means that these are now the OH's favourite positions.
We are parents and so sometimes only have chance for a quickie. The wand means that we both get to orgasm which is fantastic!
Enjoy experimenting.

try it on top when your facing away from your partner this works for me and my other half. doggy should be fine too and good ol missionary with a couple of pillows under your backside. Or any ol position on the sex swing if you have one lol.

Anything rear entry works the best for us, doggy is my favourite anyway!

My partner loves our wand (we have the Doxy, it is superb) as when I'm holding it against my clit he can feel the vibrations inside me and if we go slow then it does fun stuff to his balls and bit of shaft when its outside my body.

It does get a bit tiresome holding it in place I'll admit, but I usually prop it up with a few pillows and that takes some of the pressure off my wrist.

That little thing is pretty useful, we've found. It means the wand is actually targeting something, rather than just making your pelvis vibrate (which is uncomfy and makes you want to pee in the bad way, fyi).

Holding wise, experiment. It's different for everyone. We find rear entry positions work best, particularly laying on our sides, or when I'm on top and sat properly upright.

I've always found that it gets in the way more than it helps me - but spooning is a good position as you're not having to focus on keeping yourself up at the same time.

Unfortunately yes it is akward we tried it the other night and couldn't do it the wand is to big and to heavy which is such a pity bcuz really wanted to try it in that postion as I always have good orgasms when I use my bullet in that position. Let me know if you managed it or not

We use the wand when ontop in the cowgirl position and leaning back so both get a good amount of vibrations and both orgasm albeit me normally after my husband which in itself is quite fun seeing him cope with the continued vibes while I finish off.