using water jets to orgasm..?

my girl friend use to use water jets in a whirl pool to have orgasms and they pretty intense. she said she has been doing that sense she was 12 years old from her own family's whirl pool. she said it was some of most hottest orgasms she had ever had. im wondering does anyone else agree- or have there stories and when they started and how it was for them?

i agree but i was too young to realise what the nice sensations were!!! wish i had access to some water jets now i know exactly what it would do to me :) hehe!!

I agree aswell, i have this spa bath water jet thing at home for my bath tub and i have no idea what compelled me to use it in the way but it gave me some of the most intense orgasms ever

Our local swimming pool used to have these areas in the shallow end (and I mean shallow- it used to be like a beach idea, so it would only be maybe an inch deep) and they were all bubbly jets of water.

Well fun.

My girlfriend swears by jacuzi water jets

diddlexl: so have you yet tried them? what did she tell you about them?

Yes, hot tubs jets are perfect for strong orgasms. Both my girlfriend and I like to sit in the hot tub and direct the jets on our clits. I usually like to hold my pussy lips open with both hands and move my clit around while the jets pulsate all over my pussy and clit. My girlfriend will hold me from behind and tease my nipples and nibble on my neck and ears! I am putty in my own hands!

I get nice sensations from jacuzi jets but I just can't resist power showers - heaven!

Mmm I agree about the power shower thing, Making me horny just thinking about it lol x

Mmm I agree about the power shower thing, Making me horny just thinking about it lol x

we have a Big Spa bath and hubby is always telling me to straddle the jets, ive not tried it yet, might have to have a long bath tonight now.

Wow is it steamy in here or what?

grlfriend, never seen you on here so hi, and your description was so hot, its enough to get anyone going!

Mel its an old thread hun so dont be sad if she dont reply straightaway lol just thought the jets sounded amazing so bumped it up again, xxx

damn I wish I had this. Using water is a pretty common way to orgasm, especially if you don't want to touch yourself (back when it was seen as bad) or don't have a vibe.

im defo thinking about a bath tonight,

Imelda wanna use my bath hun

absolutely! where are ya again? ;)

definately - water jets are yummy:)

The jets are Fab,

where can I review them hehe

yeah sexychic - they deserve a review :)