Vaginal Tightening Products

Hi, I was curious if anybody had tried the vaginal tightening products and if they actually worked? Me and the hubby are keen to try one of these xx

I'm no help haven't tried anything, keen to see any comments from anyone who has though lol

If you mean the creams and gels, then no we haven’t tried those but we have tried a few different kegel exercisers and would recommend doing your kegels on a regular basis for better sex and feelings of tightness. Kegels benefit your health and give you better bladder control so they’re much better for you than any gel or cream could ever be :) x

I would also recommend keel balls to keep yourself tight

I support the idea of Kegel exercisers! I have those and they work well for me for different reason - I never had kids and never had lot of penetrative sex so I am tight enough. They mainly work well if you also want to do something for your pelvic floor muscles as well as have better orgasms - this worked for me, thanks to mine I was able to achieve from penetration alone, although so far with just toys, with a guy no such luck although I really enjoy it.

Thanks guys. Was curious about the creams and gels on here but will also look at the kegels x

I have used Ben Wa balls which exercise your pelvic floor and keep you tight and wet. They are definitely worth trying but beware they do make you more aroused!

Aroused is good lol xx

Taken your advice and ordered some kegels. Looking forward to trying them. How often to you guys use them and for how long? How long was it before you noticed a difference from using them? Thanks again guys xx

Ok word of warning.

Kegel exercisers only work on flexion of pelvic floor muscles but not the extensor muscles surrounding it.

Make sure you spend about 15 mins a day doing squeeze & relax be you boy or girl. Flexor muscles rarely work on their own so make sure you practice extensions too!

Otherwise it’s a bit like having a fierce hand grip, you won’t drop anything but you wouldn’t be able too cos you won’t be able to open your hand without extensors.