Valentine's bundle

I subscribed to the Valentine's bundle at the end of January and had a package arrive shortly after subscribing and unfortunately I already had that item so I returned it but haven't had anything else since. It was supposed to be 3 months of packages has anyone else subscribed to this and had package number 2 yet.

Patiently awaiting arrival of package 2 here in Cornwall lol

I subscribed to the other box (12 months) and both send out the item by the end of the first week of the month so will be sent late this week or early next week I’d imagine

Hey CC, 

We do have a thread running about this bundle:

In regards to when parcels will be sent this is something Customer care will be able to assist with or perhaps others have commented on the above thread. 

This is how you can contact customer care:

I will close this thread to stop duplication about the same bundle :)