vaseline as anal lube

hi everyone ive zero money till payday and run out of lube . I have loads of vaseline and baby lotion which i have used in the past with no problems.I have recently noticed that some people say to not use these as lube.Does anybody else use vaseline and is it ok ?

Vaseline should be fine as long as it's with non porous materials like glass or metal. Do not use baby oil though.

We've used vaseline in a push (bahahaha) and that was fine but the baby oil was bad. OH was sore and as we were a little overzealous with the application I ended up with a uti.x

Hmmm never tried vaseline, I don't like the sound of it for anal, for some reason I'd think it would dry out quite quickly, I find it's quite greasy which puts me off the idea. Baby lotion definite no no.

Hi, Vaseline is very good to use as a lube as the oil from it can build up inside your body.

vaseline Is not very good*

what does the oil build up do to you

Oil build up can increase chances of infection as it harbours bacteria. Personally I'd never use anything other than lube designed for purpose

Petroleum or petroleum-derived ingredients. Whenever possible, refrain from using products with petroleum-based ingredients, including multipurpose lubricants like Vaseline petroleum jelly, on your genitals. They may contain impurities linked to cancer and other health conditions; they can also coat your skin, impeding its normal functions and not allowing it to “breathe.” Witch can lead to oil build up.

thanks everyone looks like ill have to wait for payday unless anyone knows if there is something else i could use x

Have you tryied poundland? Sometimes they do lube.

not thought of that .Will have a look thanks x

Welcome :)

Or use your OH points?

I've used water-based cream- like E45 before and didn't have any problems whatsover...

Or use Paypal Pay Later ? - they don't take the money til 14 days after but pay the seller straight away.

what about aqueous cream would that be ok

You could try coconut oil, this was recently discussed as a great lube. Just take care with silicone toys :) x

Here is a recent thread about this :) x

the mechanic wrote:

what about aqueous cream would that be ok

Yeah- that was what I meant :)