Very confused about Venus butterfly vibe!


I got my Lovehoney Venus butterfly in the mail today, and while the vibrations are nice and strong, I'm not sure that I'm using it right.

The straps seemed pretty straightforward, but when I put them on, it was hard to get comfortable. One of the reviewers on here said it should look like a thong, but mine is more like a jock strap? Also, I'm not sure exactly where the butterfly should go. Am I supposed to position it between my thighs or on my pubic mound?

Lastly, I'm not sure how I could wear it during sex. The way it feels best for me is with the butterfly's nose against my clitoris, but in that position the toy covers my vagina, almost reaching to my anus.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong! I was really excited to get this toy and now I'm very frustrated that I can't figure out how to wear it.

Thank you!

We had a similar toy and were pretty disappointed with it. I have seen a lot of bad reviews and general disappointment with butterfly toys as most people don't find that the vibes are strong enough in the right place. They do seem to work well for some, but you just may not be one of them. Have a few more tries before you give up on it though

Thanks, I had high hopes because it had a very high rating here on LH. Like I said it feels very good to have the nose (or whatever that pointy thing is) of the butterfly on my clitoris, but it's hard to keep it in that position unless I'm holding it, which defeats the purpose. I'm wondering if wearing the straps differently could hold it in place like that, or if somehow the tail is supposed to be against the clitoris instead? Although I had assumed that the tail goes inside the vagina.

Ah. Now I'm worried we are not going to like this toy.
I ordered it a few weeks ago but havnt had time to put it to work yet.
I love the theory of it, leaving it running on Mrs Hugh while I went up the other end, just hope the results are what I hoped for.

If not LH will always take it back and exchange it....

I wanted to get one of them to wear during sex but not sure it would work now :/

I'm going to try either using the bullet by itself, or get a more powerful bullet to use with the butterfly harness. I have another remote control bullet that's meant to be worn internally, but I can barely feel it. My vagina isn't super sensitive, but also that bullet is really tiny. I got the butterfly because I thought it would feel better against my clitoris than inside. The butterfly bullet is a lot thicker than the other one though, so I might be able to feel it.