Very disapointed with customer service

I understand that my disablity has made what should have been a little problem failing to meet the delivery date into a bigger one and I wasn't getting at all angry or upset with customer services just trying to find a solution.

However the suggestion that I was lying and wouldn't be able to use the products if I'm not able to open a front door was really kind of upseting and rude, I do my best not to let the fact I can't even get dressed or go to the toilet on my own upset me, but my wife and I manage to work around things and while our sex may be formulaic I still manage to satisfy her.

please return my money and make sure I don't receive the parcel as the customer service lady really kinda spoilt my day and I don't wish to buy from you anymore.

sorry to hear you had a problem noggin. maybe you should of had the items posted to a safe pick up point ,as lh parcels are so discreet and usually earlier then you expect

Thanks, I have a maid that comes and helps me every 2 weeks so went with the next day guarenteed delivery on a day when someone was hear to open the door for me. Things go wrong though, I understand that and thats life and that isn't why I am upset with customer service.

The 2 people I have to pick up the parcel for me would also help me by opening it and since its my mum and my wife I didn't want that, even though I will be useing some of it with my wife I wanted the masturbator to be private.

But that isn't the reason I was upset, I'm sure we could have worked a way around it. What upset me was the customer service lady who was basically calling me a liar and accusing me of making up my disability. "If you can't open the front door on your own how on earth are you going to use the products?" When I explained I could use my hands she then demanded to know why If I could use my hands why I couldn't open the front door. You shouldn't need to explain how you are able to use sex products to someone who thinks you are a liar.

I'm mostly cheered back up now after watching the big bang theory but that ladys comments has really removed any desire to purchase from lovehoney now or in the future.

Previous post was written to likemadik and I'd not seen Ian's reply while writing it.

Thanks for the responce Ian and for canceling the order and returning my money

To be honest though the ladys explaination is not really a good one, none of the products I ordered require any dexterity, the most physical effort involved with them will be getting them out of that evil plastic stuff that covers so many items. She was being acusatory and not inquiring in order to help me, but no good can come from worrying about it any further, I can understand that people likely do lie to customer services for whatever reason and she obviously felt I was and wanted to call me out, she obviously wasn't wanting to be upseting just didn't belive me.

Have a good day everyone,

No offense but my curiousity has got the better of me now too, so I can see how the customer service advisors might have too,

But, well, out of curiosity, if you can't even go to the toilet by yourself, shouldn't you have a full time carer? who could answer the door?

I'm not sticking up for customer service or anything, but I can see how it is a little confusing!

Sorry, that may be to rude and personal, so feel free to ignore me!

No offence taken, I can go for a wee on my own by not wearing trousers during the day, just sitting in boxers and a jumper with a towel over my legs, the bathroom is next to the bedroom where I stay during the day on my computer and I can wheel through, slide to the edge of the toilet and go for a wee. I wear an alarm around my neck that goes off if I fall. It's understandable that you got confused as I wasn't clear, but customer service don't really need to understand exactly what I can and can't do, just take my word for it when I say I can't open the door.

We've been waiting 2 years to see an ocupational health advicer for getting things to make life easier, they arn't exactly speedy at provideing help. One day my wheelchair broke and so I was stuck in the bathroom and not able to move, we called the wheelchair people, they said they could come and help in a few days. Thanks I'll just sit on the bathroom floor for 3 days shall I? Luckily I have great family, my dad came around, took the wheelchair to a local steelworks and asked them to weld it back together.

To Carly, I'm not someone who gets offended easily or cares about political correctness but I'm sorry she wasn't asking for information to provide me with better products, she obviously felt I was lieing to her, I think anyone would feel upset though when people insinuate that you are a liar especially after you've been let down.

She asked how on earth I could use the products if I can't open a front door, I can accept that question could just be looking for more information, but when I explained I could use my hands she then said well you can open the front door then, at that point there is no question what her intentions are, I then said I'm not lieing, at that point if her intentions had been pure she would have said something like I don't think you are but she did not, calls are probably recorded arnt they so you can see what was said. But anyway I don't want anyone telling off or anything, Love Honey can take it on board and be a better company for it, but there is no point making excuses about it being to provide me with better products because im afraid thats not true.

But anyway its done and dusted now if you've returned my money and made sure with royal mail that the package won't arrive. I appricate and accept the appology, no harm done at, but please no more excuses. Maybe we can try again in 2 weeks time and hopefuly royal mail won't let us down again.