Very orgasmic

Mrs E is very orgasmic and never has a problem with her orgasms we have a few vibes but would never put them near her clit as she finds it too intense there is so much hype about rabbit vibes we wonder if she may enjoy one .

Do you think she would enjoy one or do you think it would be too much for her ? Thanks

"Do you think she would enjoy one or do you think it would be too much for her ? Thanks"

I think there's only one way to find out !

If it is to much for her , you could always tie her to the bed and make her plead for mercy !

or just have fun trying !

One thing to try is putting a piece of material - satin, silk or something sexy - between Mrs E and the vibe.

Fold it overa few times to dampen the vibration so she'll still be able to feel them but not too much.

If she doesn't like vibrations near her clit, then a rabbit is a distinctly bad idea... I think you guys are on the right track with regular vibrators that you can use to tease around the area and use inside her. From my experience (having both a clitoris and a rabbit vibe, that is), it's very hard to use a rabbit vibe for penetration without in some way hitting the clitoris - and I know full well how uncomfortable vibes are on an over-sensitive clit! I'm shuddering just thinking about it.

Richard's idea is a great one for minimising the vibes, but it seems to me that if she doesn't like vibes on her clit, then a rabbit's just not for her.

Another idea, if you're really keen on trying out a rabbit, is to turn it around so that the ears tickle her near her ass and not her clit... I find this really yummy and it can be a great precursor to anal. That way she gets the yumminess of the rotating beads inside with none of the over-sensitive clit action!

I wouldn't go the way of a rabbit if she doesn't like clitoral vibes, it took me a while to get to enjoying clitoral stimulation with vibrators, but I still hate the rabbit we have (for me, I find the ears are far too hard and almost painful on the clit).

If clit stimulation is the way you're wanting to go, something wider and less focused than the rabbit would be better to start with. Like a massager.

Or apparently these are good-
although I've not tried one personally.

Or maybe a rub my ducky-
which is waterproof too so can be used in the bath, which I find makes me a bit less sensitive.

I find that vibrators feel sooo intense on my clit and give me all these waves of contractions but i wouldn't call it an orgasm. Does anyone get a build up from vibrator clit stimulation like a proper orgasm? Lots of lube helps to cushion the vibrations a bit. The best clit orgasm I get is with lots of lube (no prob when I clit rub as it starts a flood) and my fingers working real fast.

My rabbit vibrations used to be too much for me, 30 seconds and i was gone, which was good but spoiled the fun! I missed the build up, now i have gotten used to it and learned to control my orgasms and make them last longer. It just takes some practice