Vibe to accompany anal penetration.

Maybe this is a common problem but it's bugging the life out of me! I've got vibes of all different shapes and sizes but I cannot get one to stay in my pussy whilst being anally penetrated - they always just pop out which is sooo frustrating (sorry if that sounds cude)!

I love the full feeling of fullness you achieve with both being filled - any advice guys? Thanks in advance x

I can't think of anything apart from something like a reverse strap on. Obvs the easiest thing would be wearing a plug and having your man penetrate your pussy.

I know exactly how you feel Tatiebee...I have the same problem and I can seem to find something that will stay in.

The feeling of fullness is AMAZING!!!!

It kind of puts me off my stride at the critical moment when I have to stop and readjust - I've just seen this
and wonder if it might do the trick. Skint at the moment though so it might have to wait :(
Straps on, so should stay in place, plus penetration AND clitorial stimulation. So all three at once.

I really want one...

Oooh that one actually looks kind of pretty!

That one DOES look pretty... and like a lot of fun, too. No-one's reviewed it though. Someone needs to try it out! Perhaps when I get paid...

Or LoveHoney may decide to treat us in order to get some reviews posted for it ;-)

Ooh, I like that suggestion better.

*nudge, nudge* I have found one that is sooo incredible! This one will work and definitiely does the trick even if you dont use it during double penetration. I hope you all enjoy

Get a monster dong- I tried it the other night and OMFG!!!!! It's big enough to either hold in place without getting in the way or just stay in on its own too. Plus, added extra for thebloke- makes your ass feel waaaaay tighter.

Not a vibe I know lol

OMG that looks scary! Don't have anything like it though so might treat myself.

Lol when it arrived, it was streched out full length in a box of other stuff- I nearly died when I saw it and was sure I'd never fit it anywhere. But hey- it's a amazinf what lube can do right?

If your man enters you on your back and you use a vibe that only protrudes from you by an inch or so, his pelvic bone will hold it inside you and you feel each thrust in both holes.

Ouch, this is all sounding just that little bit painful!