vibes dildos

Hi new to this. Im no stranger to sextoys and have a small collection. Im looking for advice or suggestions on the next level of toys from beginers but when i say beginers im fucking toys that are 8 inch and big in girth so is this beginers or am i just greedy lol. I looking to buy new sex toys and g spot vibraters and inflateable dildos/vibraters are catching my eye. Any one got any good orgasms from this type of toy or got any thing superb to recomend

Hi there!

You may be better getting in touch with our Live Chat with these types of things, we are more than happy to help!

Generally I find beginners toys vary from 5-6 inches but it all depends on what feels right to you, and what you feel more comfortable with.

However vibrators tend to be a different ball game and they are not specifically advertised via size so you will see quite a variety.

If you are after a G Spot toy which is not specifically suited for a beginner I would suggest:

For inflatable toys you really need to have a in-depth search and see what sizes you feel more comfortable with- we do sell a few so you can ese them all here:

Best of luck!

Hi thankyou for your reply. I will take a look at your suggestions