vibrating butt plug recommendations

Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a vibrating butt plug preferably one that's on the bigger side. I've seen one on a different site but I dont want to buy it from anywhere but lovehoney. Any suggestions? Thanks :)

i bought one of these, also comes in large size. It's amazing. Different speed settings.

Hello! What about something like these?

What's the most important thing for you?

Size? What about the inflatable one: The feeling of stretching is amazing, but the vibrations aren't all that great (not bad, mind you, but not really impressive)

I've got the best vibrations yet by putting a love egg (from the Tracy Cox clit vibe) into the finger loop of this plug: (fingerloop is 3.1 inches in circumference on the inside) - the vibrations are more on the outside/first part of the toy (i. e. it would probably not make a brilliant prostate massager, which doesn't bother me as I don't have a prostate).

You'll notice that in both cases the batteries are in a wired controller and the wire does get in the way sometimes, BUT: From what I've seen in the videos, the butt plugs with bullets are not as powerful - there's just not a lot of room in a plug for a powerful motor plus batteries (often enough the batteries are not even AA or AAA but a smaller format).

It should be an amazing experience to combine a butt plug with removable bullet (like the Butt Quiver with a really strong bullet vibe like the We Vibe Tango (, but I don't have one :(

we have the lovehoney vibrating t plug its great !

I ordered the Lovehoney Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Butt Plug a few months ago. Its incredible! 2 contant speeds and 3 patterns and it comes in small, medium and large sizes. I think its a great buy.

Thank you everyone really helpful!! I'm looking for something medium sized and i want to be able to feel the vibrations well because i can make it so it hits my g spot so Im hoping for amazing pleasure out of it! Think I might try the bionic bullet and see how I get on, I can always try a few out and if some dont hit the spot keep to one side for when my partners ready :)

Have any men used them? And how have you found it?

I purchased the Medium Bionic Bullet a month or 2 ago, but finally got around to using it today for the first time.

Well lubed up it slipped in fairly easily, the vibrations were ok to good level, I would like something stronger and more thumpy (strong but low hard frequency, big wobble type). Just my personal opinion.

I would give it 7/10 and it will prolly become my go to fun toy, for when I’m in one of 'those' moods.

I’m thinking about buying the Big version next, as this really might the spot.

Hope this helps...

I have this one, and would highly recommend it. The vibrations are very powerful too :) x

Thank you :) I bought the ten speed lovehoney one that was on offer, see how it feels and then upgrade :) I can always save them to introduce myOH to anal play :) thank you! Really helpful x