Vibrating butt plug that stays in

Hi all, Can anyone recommend a vibrating butt plug that stays in place? I find that mine get pushed back out especially when reaching organsm which is really annoying! I’m looking for something of an intermediate size, I’m not a beginner but don’t want anything huge either.

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Try woozer 7 function cock ring butt plug

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Or raspberry butt plug

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I’ve found the vibrating prostate massagers tend to stay in better then a plug but also like that’s just the bodies way of doing things so you’ll probably have the issue regardless during orgasms

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I was wanting to get a prostate one controlled via app they seem interesting :thinking:

I have a massager controlled by app and a buttplug one too! Although sadly never had the opportunity as yet to put the app parts into action, the vibration functions I can not fault as being some of the best toys I’ve ever had. Plus they’re rechargeable too!!


Being a straight male anal to give and receive is buy far the best in terms of having her bound and gagged with anal vibrator and one for my self is an awesome experience!

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I get on well with my triplet. Never had an issue with it popping out unlike a few others I own.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Aren’t prostate massagers for men? (sorry, probably a daft question!).

Can be used for both I prefer the prostate on women as the curve is more appealing personally x

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Thanks, that’s good to know - I always ruled the out assuming they weren’t suitable!

As long as your comfortable I don’t see an issue safe use and comfort are priority , try it with being bound if you enjoy BDSM :ok_hand:

@JC2523 BDSM - That’s a whole other topic! I’d love to try but it’s not something my husband wants to try unfortunately - maybe one day …

Fair enough but yeah it’s fun and extreme at times maybe try light bondage hand cuffs and such and ease into it the love honey fifty shades of grey bed restraint is a good starting point as it allows one hand or multiple to be bond I.e wrist ankles and such

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The one bit i’ll add to everything stated here already is plugs with a curve (geared for prostate pleasure) stay put better as well.

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Thanks again everyone, I’m going to see what I get for Christmas and then treat myself in the new year :grinning:

Same here even worse when it rockets out of you just on the edge haha
Best one is have the wife push and hold it while reaching around or if your on own put a pillow under to hold it

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I got a We-Vibe Vector for my partner but he’s not that interested. I’ve always enjoyed a cramp wank but with heavy periods and an aversion to mess I’ve always gone the clit-stim route while using a tampon.

Until one day I decided to give the Vector a go. Oh my! And used with the Tango on my clit at the same time? OH MY!

Admittedly I haven’t tried any other vibrating toys but both the Vector and my medium njoy plug stay in position during orgasm (though I’ve only used both these while on my back).

If anyone needs an incentive and hasn’t tried a suction toy there’s currently a free Womanizer with We-Vibe!

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It is a disposable one though, so only 30 minutes of power before it’s a brick. :slightly_smiling_face: But you can turn it on and off, so you don’t have to use it all in one go. :+1:

I have a vibrating prostate plug ( fifty shades)but it is too small to reach my p spot although it really felt nice. I have another one but the stem and the end is too large to held it in. So I am looking for something long enough to reach the p spot and can be worn out.