Vibrating ring recommendations

I've tried the basic mega ring and also the basic waterproof ring with replaceable batteries. I prefer the vibration of the disposable one, it's slower with a little more more so more of the vibration is transferred to me. Can anyone recommend another ring with replaceable batteries that vibrates in this slower, more powerful way?

Could I possibly use the waterproof basic rin with one battery to slow it down?


Hi MikeC

Welcome to the forum. I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your question but I'm sure somewhere here will.


Bump since I would like some ideas.

I'm not a massive fan of cock rings so I can only suggest you take a look through these and check out the reviews. The only thing i'd say would be to be wary of bullet powered ones as they tend to be on the buzzier side but again the reviews are the place to go. I'd also reccomend searching for other reviews online. Video reviews are particularly helpfull as you'll get to see how the bullet is operated and at roughly what pitch it vibrates at.

This may seem like a silly question, but is it specifically a cock ring you are looking for or do you just enjoy the viration in that area?

The Tracy Cox range always gets really good reviews. Have you looked through those? x

The vibration in that area seems to be the thing I like more than the ring itself though that isn't bad too. I hadn't really thought I could use some kind of vibrator that wasn't designed to be attached.

I looked at the tracey cox ring and thought it might be good to try but I wanted to get some opinions before I did. The reviews don't seem to comment on the speed/power of the vibration.

We have used the Durex one. Was good but ran out after half hour. So not much good to us. But my wife loved it until it ran out of life. Give it a go,Asda sells them for about £7 a think.