Waist Cinchers/Waspies etc...

I'm looking for a waist cincher or waspie and wondered if anyone had any recommendations?

I would love to be able to get something in the next day or so to try and get it delivered for just after Christmas.

So far I'm torn between the Mimi and the Amy both waist cinchers by Kiss Me Deadly...

Any other good ones out there?

E&G x

i love this one http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=24210

I've got the longline version with suspender clips, I love it! I want to add to my collection but can't seem to decide and I've got a bit of a date planned and wanted to have something new to wear :)

oooh then it has to be that one... although i do prefer the one with suspenders. but if that has been 'seen' before ;p

Treat yourself :)


I do quite like this one too but I'm not sure if its sexy enough.

It has to be something with suspenders, he's a sucker for the whole suspenders, stockings and heels look!

(and I like it if its not too easy to get it off, I love toying with his whilst he struggles to work out how to undress me as quick as possible!)

now that is sexy as hell! classy and sexy means very sexy!

my man is the same... and he would absolutly love this. i might have to order myself!

i would go with dark stockings and red heels, he loves me with deep red lipstick so that would be perfect!

Go for it!

I was thinking bright red patent heels, black stockings with a seam running up the back and black lace french knickers obviously with red lipstick so he can go home covered in it!

Just checking postage to make sure it'll arrive on time, I can't wait to wear it! :D

Haha spot on! i always thought i had a strange taste... guess im not alone.

and totaly agreed on the stockings with seems up the back... they send my man wild, keeps his hands on them longer!

let me know how it is when it turns up :) will have to get this for meself too

I will do! More importantly I'll let you know how he reacts to it, I can't wait to see his face when he sees me in it and then how long it takes him to figure out how to get it off!

You are definately not alone, I have such a thing for getting dressed up like that, I even do it under my work uniform some days :)

Yeah that's the important part :)

Really me too! I wear sexy stuff underneath at work all the time. It gets me all worked up for when I get home.

Good luck... but I really doubt you need it wearing that!

Love to see a woman in a waspie !

definetley gets me buzzing !

I'd like to suggest this waspie- http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=25501

It's well made and sturdier. You can also wear it under and above clothing. They do have suspender straps that are detachable too. As it is steel boned you can really tighten it to form a wonderful hourglass figure.